2012 National Treasures Pro Bowl Cards, Only Relevant Because They Look So Good

Jan 29, 2012; Honolulu, HI, USA; NFC nose tackle Jay Ratliff of the Dallas Cowboys (90) tables AFC running back Ryan Mathews of the San Diego Chargers (24) in the backfield during the 2012 Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium. - Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I can't stand the Pro Bowl. Not even the fact that it's hosted on the most remote island chain in the world alleviates the inanity of the event. However, that it yielded a pile of good-looking relic cards in 2012.

Let me make this clear at the outset: I can't stand the "Pro Bowl." I doubt I'm alone in my complete and utter disdain for the meaningless event held annually among the most remote island chain in the world. Not even the visually appealing mismatched uniforms and helmets are enough to get me to watch the event on mute and I'm proud to admit I've avoided contact with the event, but once, my entire life. Unless something changes, dramatically, I don't forsee my opinion shifting …

… like my opinion on James Brown as the Deacon of Dance, the Sire of Soul, the Friar of Funk:

How does this relate to … anything? Well, perhaps it doesn't, but it feels like summer: it's sunny and hot, time for reggae and a Red Stripe w/ lime. But, I digress …

When it comes to football cards, there is a series of cards Panini has released under their "National Treasures - Colossal" line, that are definitely worthy of adding to one's collection. These cards feature a very simple design with a white background, minimal photo of the featured player, nothing groundbreaking there. What is worth mentioning is these cards include a significant swatch of jersey material.

There were even a few cards released — numbered out of only 4 — that feature a swatch nearly the size of the entire card (as you'll see below). There are also non-Pro-Bowl — i.e. regular season — versions of these National Treasures cards.

Jersey cards, also known as "relic" and sometimes "patch" cards, while initially quite chase-worthy have taken a back-seat to autographed cards, as well as "auto-relic" cards, combining the two. That said, for those that can appreciate the simple design aesthetic, these particular cards can be found for a steal-of-a-deal. Here are a few of the recent additions to my collection, most obtained for under $8 including shipping:


2012 National Treasures #5 - 4/49

You've seen this card before, 40/49, as it was part of the Ryan Mathews Pentafecta:


2012 National Treasures #7 - 40/49


2012 National Treasures #7 - 47/49


2012 National Treasures #27 - 73/75

Here's our man, contributing positively to the nonsense:

Eric Weddle's 2012 Pro Bowl Interception

By far the best of the lot and truly a "colossal" piece of Weddle's game–worn Pro Bowl jersey:


2012 National Treasures #27 - 4/4

The Philip Rivers regular season jersey card I picked up:


2012 National Treasures #10 - 7/49


2012 National Treasures #11 - 2/10

There's a subtle bit of powder-blue jersey visible and the white of this particular swatch is still dirty from the game. Awesome.

You've also seen this one, card 9/10 in the series, as it was also part of the Ryan Mathews Pentafecta:


2012 National Treasures #11 - 9/10

I'm going to make it a point to track down all I can of the 10 Ryan Mathews auto–colossal–relic cards as they sure do look good.

What do you think? Is the best part about the Pro Bowl a few good–looking cards yielded from the inanity?

Cheers and Go Bolts!

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