(Realistic) Expectations of the Chargers in 2013 pt. 4

In this edition, I will be analyzing the Offensive Line. Let me know what you think in the comments!


LT1) Max Starks

6 sacks allowed, 6 holding penalties, 16 games played, 16 games started

Great to hear that the Chargers finally did something about their atrocious LT situation. This makes me a whole lot more confident about this coming year, and makes me buy into the "win now" mentality the Chargers have adopted. Max is a huge upgrade on anyone we had on the roster, and will play well.

LT2) King Dunlap


King Dunlap is a monster of a man. That said, he has slow feet, and struggles in passing situations. I think that the Chargers are going to focus more on the run this year, especially considering the strengths and weaknesses of our 2 starting tackles.

LT3) Mike Harris - Practice Squad

I wonder, with the Max Starks signing, if he will be kept on the team. I think it's doubtful.

LG1) Chad Rinehart

2 sacks allowed - 14 games played, 14 games started

I'm thinking he will get the starting job over Rich, just because Joe D'Alessandris is familiar with him, and he has proven that he can start if needed. He'll be an average guard, and hopefully we won't hear his name too much.

LG2) Rich Ohrnberger

1 sack allowed - 9 games played, 2 games started

He'll fill in, in a pinch. I don't think Rinehart will stay healthy all 16 games, which is why I'm saying Ohrnberger gets 2 starts.

C1) Nick Hardwick

3 sacks allowed - 16 games played, 16 starts

No way he gets cut or doesn't start. He's a very good center, and could start pretty much anywhere in the league.

C2) David Molk

This was a tough call because neither Molk or Baxter have had much, if any playing time.

RT1) D.J. Fluker

5 sacks allowed, 2 holding penalties, 16 games played, 16 games started

He instantly improves our run game, and is an upgrade over Clary in the pass game. Unlike a lot of people, I was happy with the pick, once I learned more about him. Yes he is slow, but he held his own against the quick players in the SEC, and should do the same in the NFL. He'll be a pro bowl caliber RT/RG at some point in his career.

RT2) Nick Becton


I think that either Nick or Mike Harris will make the roster, but not both of them. Neither of them will play much, because I think Haslam will fill in on both sides when needed, and there shouldn't be a time in the game when both starting Tackles are out of the game.

RG1) Jeromey Clary

3 sacks allowed - 16 games played, 16 games started

This job is Clary's to lose. He wasn't great last year, but he'll be better this year as a guard. Other than that, not too much to say.

RG2) Troutman/Dombrowski/Schilling

2 sacks allowed, 1 holding penalty - 6 games played

I think Troutman will win this job over Schilling, and will probably take over as the starter someday. He won't be amazing, but he'll be solid when he has time to learn the system. Dombrowski will be kept as a jack of all trades, who can play every position, just not well. If I were Telesco or Mccoy, I wouldn't need anyone after Dombrowski, and I'd cut Schilling.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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