Depth Chart


Phillip Rivers $12,000,000

Charlie Whitehurst $1,300,000

Brad Sorensen

Mike Herman

Does whitehurst stay? his pay isn't bad. Number to keep on the roster. 2. Maybe 3.


Le'Ron McClain $2,250,000 (11th highest salary, for back that doesn't block well)

Ryan Mathews $1,195,500

Ronnie Brown $840,000

Danny Woodhead $750,000

Chris Gronkowski $630,000

Edwin Baker

Hill, Michael RB

No egregious salaries here. Would like to see McClain play better for this salary. Could be gone after preseason. Number to keep on the roster 4-5.


Robert Meachem $5,000,000 (Third highest salary on the team and may not even play)

Eddie Royal $3,000,000 (8th highest salary on the team, and may not even play)

Malcom Floyd $1,500,000

Danario Alexander $1,323,000

Deon Butler $715,000

Richard Goodman $630,000

Vincent Brown $555,000

Kennan Allen

Gardner, Courtney WR (Great chance to play as WR)

Tasker, Luke

Dan DePalma

Mike Willie

This is the bad spot. Two of the top 10 salaries on the team for a players that don't start. Royal may play on special teams, but that is too high of a price for a punt returner. Meachum can't even get to the 2nd string. He might not even dress for every game. Unfortunately, it will cost the team even more salary cap to cut him. The team is very, very deep at this position; but not any standout player. Maybe Alexander. Maybe Allen. Maybe even Gardner. Number to keep on the roster. 6.


Antonio Gates $4,500,000

John Phillips $650,000

Ladarius Green $480,000

Cotton, Ben

Rolf, David

Dallas Walker

Does Green even make the cut? or...does he get moved to Wide Receiver? Always keep 3.


Jared Gaither $4,500,000 (Already Cut...only listed to show mistakes)

Jeromey Clary $4,000,000 (6th highest salary. Probable back-up or Starting Guard. Needs contract restructured if not starting)

King Dunlap $950,000

DJ Fluker

Kevin Haslam $555,000

Michael Harris $480,000

Becton, Nick

Richards, Randy

Number to keep on the roster. 3-4.


Jeromey Clary $4,000,000 (Listed also at OT. But if Flunker starts, he needs to play here)

Chad Rinehart $850,000

Rich Ohrnberger $630,000

Brandyn Dombrowski $630,000

Stephen Schilling $555,000

Johnnie Troutman $405,000

Number to keep on the roster. 3-4


Nick Hardwick $2,600,000

Colin Baxter $555,000

David Molk $480,000

Number to keep on the roster. 2-3 (only 3 to keep Molk as a back-up when Hardwick retires)


Mike Scifres $3,000,000

Nick Novak $750,000

Darrell Stuckey $630,000 (listed here as the gunner)

Marcus Cromartie (maybe 2nd gunner)

Andrew Gachkar $555,000 (listed here as the gunner)

Mike Windt $630,000

Kent, Richard P

Kyle Nelson $480,000 LS


Jarret Johnson $3,000,000

Larry English $1,275,000 (overpaid for a back-up. Has an IQ of 128. He knows he is overpaid)

Melvin Ingram $771,738

Tourek Williams

Frank Beltre

Walker, Devan

Number to keep on the roster. 4, but this is such a weak bunch, maybe only 3.


Donald Butler $1,323,000

Jonas Mouton $671,670

Darryl Smith $555,000 LB

Manti Te'o

Bront Bird $555,000

Phillip Dillard $480,000 LB

Beltre, Frank LB

Molls, Daniel LB

Number to keep on the roster. 4 (mainly for special teams).


Corey Liuget $1,130,976

Jarius Wynn $715,000

Kendall Reyes $577,636

Damik Scafe

McFarland, Jamarkus

Moore, Brandon

Logan Harrell

Number to keep on the roster. 4, but this bunch is so weak after the 2 stars, maybe only 3. Can Castillo come back and play? He started last year he played. He should at least be a better backup that these guys.


Cam Thomas $1,323,000

Gaethers, DT (Backup NT or DE? listed on team site at DE)

Jerideau, Byron NT (Starting NT is UDFA? Only listed NT other than Cam Thomas, who is a 1 gap player)

Number to keep on the roster. 3. That is a bad number, because it doesn't give Gaethers incentive to play hard. I believe Jerideau will start. Cam Thomas plays well as a 1 gap player, but we need a 2 gap player.


Derek Cox $800,000

Marcus Gilchrist $734,600

Johnny Patrick $555,000

Shareece Wright $555,000

Steve Williams(Nickel back)

Greg Gatson $480,000

Cornelius Brown $480,000

Brown, Greg

Cromartie, Marcus

Johnson, Josh

Okoro, Kenny

Number to keep on roster. 6. No big salary here.


Eric Weddle $6,000,000

Brandon Taylor $480,000

Sean Cattouse

Addae, Jahleel S (Potential starting safety until Taylor gets healthy is UDFA?)

Marcus Gilcrest (also listed as CB)

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