So What Now?

The 2013 NFL Draft is in the books. Our San Diego Chargers added 6 Players to the roster:

  • 1st Rd: T DJ Fluker Ala
  • 2nd Rd: ILB Manti Te'o ND
  • 3rd rd: WR Keenan Allen Cal
  • 5th rd: CB Steve Williams Cal
  • 6th rd: DE Tourek Williams Fl Int
  • 7th RD: QB Brad Sorensen S UT


Although DJ Fluker was a reach, but not by much. In essence we got the 4th best tackle in the draft while the 2nd CB and the top DT was still on the board. Is the O-Line not our greatest area of need? Is Fluker not a big nasty mauler with a high motor, who played SEC ball. We got a great RT here, get over it.

The Te'o- Butler combo has me salivating (pause) Man with a play maker like butler and such an instinctive player in Te'o our Middy is sewed up!

My Favorite pick has to be Keenan Allen. I wonder what was on their mind during the 3rd round. I'm sure we were probably looking to address a need, then those jerks in NO took Terron Armstead, T, from pine bluff. That's ok though, we got a guy who was a clear 1st round pick last year. I know his 40 time is ugly @4.72, but consider he is rehabbing a knee injury and his string hands and subtle moves have drawn comparisons to Anquan Boldin, Reggie Wayne and a few whispers of Larry Fitzgerald. Also consider that he will be faster once that knee rehabs. This is not a slow player, not matter what his 40 says. He returned punts for crying out loud. Put on his tape and prepare to get blown away! Also there's more that one clip of him giving Desmond Trufant the blues. Great Pick!

Round 5 and 6 are great depth that will compete.

Overall solid draft, we added a couple of team captains, some from championship schools. I can feel the Bolt Culture changing for the better.

With all that said, what now?

What now about our LT position, surely Dunlap isn't the answer?

What about this glaring hole at DT?

What about the 2nd corner, i don't know if Wright or Gilchrist are ready yet?

And we can use depth at OLB, ILB, SS.

While these issues do need to be addressed, they are far lesser than they were a month ago. I'm sure the training camp competition will produce some solid players for us. We also just signed 20 + undrafted free agents, let the games begin!

I know before the draft John Gennaro reported with had about 7mil in available cap space, after the draft signings I'm unsure whats left but here are some free agents we could add to bolster our team within our budget:

  • Rahean Mathis CB, love the depth, experience, and skill he'd bring.
  • Barret Ruud ILB, tackling machine!
  • Marcus Trufant DB, we missed out ton his brother and this group needs a savvy vertebra
  • Bryan Mckinnie OT, more of stop gap guy, but depth and possible fill in starter
  • Nate Clements DB, versatile savvy vet can play nickle or slide to safety.

I say lets stay patient and support our new regime. To say the least we're trending in the right location. If we stay active in FA we have a real shot at the wild card this year. Another year of strategic additions will have us in place to seriously contend in 2014. I call to all now to #BOLTUP! we're on our way back guys!

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This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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