Best drafts, according to Mike Mayock's numbers

We all want to know how our draft stacks up against the rest of the league. Of course we can't actually know this until a few years out, but it's fun to throw out numbers and A-B-C grades and pretend like they mean something. (offseason y'all)

For this test, let's pretend that Mike Mayock's word is gold on ranking players (and according to this post, it's close). We'll use his list of top 100 players and rank each team based on how much value they got from their picks. So if a team picks Mayock's #12, #40, and #50 rated player, they get a score of 102. The goal is to compare teams' 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounder. Obviously trades make this difficult, so a few rules to keep things reasonably level.

  1. A player picked outside the top 100 is worth 101 points.
  2. If 2 players are picked in the same round, we use the highest ranked player (lowest number)
  3. If a team has no pick in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round then we give them 20, 60, 101 points respectively
  4. Lower scores are better
  5. Average score is 149

Is it scientific? Of course it is, there's numbers ain't there? Let's get cookin.

Biggest losers

Washington Redskins: 220 They didn't have a first round pick, but even taking the average score their picks were very poor on the Mayock Scale of Awesome (MSA)

Dallas Cowboys: 213 Their 1st rounder, Travis Frederick, was actually their lowest graded pick. You can throw that pick in the trash and they get a 179 using their 2nd and two 3rds. Exhibit #229 in why the Dallas Jerry Joneses are terrible

Some Winners

The Eagles (103), Jaguars (103), and Titans (100) all did a solid job , and probably just copy-pasted Mayock's board as their own.

The Competition

Denver Broncos: 175 Not a great draft by the horse

Kansas City Chiefs: 131 Pretty good job by the Chiefs, even with the selection of Kniles Davis netting the lowest possible score for the pick. See? Sticking with Matt Cassel was worth it.

Oakland Raiders: 109 Reggie Mckenzie is the real deal, and I believe the days of dismissing the Raiders based purely on FO ineptitude are rapidly coming to a close

And now...the moment you've been waiting for:

San Diego Chargers: 75

Hot diggity damn! Chargers knocked it out of the park netting Fluker (ranked 15th), Te'o (23) and Allen (37) in the first 3 rounds. BPA indeed. The only two teams to score better were the Jets (58) and the Vikings (58), both of whom had extra 1st round picks from giving up their best player.

Even if you shave a few points for the 4th rounder (and other teams had some trade ups as well) this is still a very impressive job by Telesco and company.

Does it mean the Chargers drafted perfectly, now have a complete roster and are virtually assured a playoff berth? Of course not. What it does mean is that after years of needless trade-ups, huge reaches and passing over can't-miss players, we find ourselves with a GM who seems to get the most value out of each of his picks. (at least according to Mike Mayock).

A few years of this and I believe the Chargers will be back to being one of the best teams in the league.


Washginton Redskins


(no first rounder, RG III trade)

Dallas Cowboys


Houston Texans


Atlanta Falcons


Pittsburgh Steelers


Chicago Bears


(no 3rd)

San Francisco 49ers


Seattle Seahawks


(no 1st)

Buffalo Bills


New England Patriots


Denver Broncos


Cleveland Browns


(no 2nd)

Cincinnati bengals


(had two 2nds)

Carolina Panthers


(no 3rd)

New Orleans Saints


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


(no 1st round pick, Revis trade)

Miami Dolphins


Green Bay Packers


(no 3rd)

Baltimore Ravens


Arizona Cardinals


Kansas City Chiefs


(no 2nd)

St. Louis Rams


(traded up then back, extra 1st from RGIII)

Indianpolis Colts


Not bad, but TT outshined the master

New York Giants


Detroit Lions


Oakland Raiders


Philadelphia Eagles


Jacksonville Jaguars


Tennessee Titans


NY Jets


two #1s, Revis trade

San Diego Chargers


Minnesetoa Vikings


two #1s, Harvin Trade

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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