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Hey BFTB, long time lurker first time poster.

Like most people on this site, after watching the first round draft pick I had a gut wrenching noooooooo reaction to the D.J. Fluker pick. However the more I think about the pick, the more interesting it is to me. I always try to be objective and after all the negative reactions I feel like sharing an optimistic point of view, and also a pessimistic point of view that has some what already been covered.

Glass is half full:

Remember people we aren't in win now mode. There is no way in hell they use their 11th pick for a 'marginal' upgrade over Clary, its possible his initial impact is just that, however long term they have to see him as being much better and maybe even going to the left side. This pick is so unsexy, its honestly in my opinion a 'not a safe pick' especially for a first time GM. The only safe part about the pick is the justification that we need to keep Rivers as clean as possible(this thought process somewhat goes into pessimist part as well :( ). But to think TT, MM, etc... don't know how unsexy, unusual, and strange it is to take a RT would be a mistake. I'd like to believe that the thought process is something similar to the posts on this site stating that teams in the league are always trying to find positions other teams undervalued. Right tackle is an extremely important position, its not uncommon for premier rushers to be coming on the right side of the line, and when you have the most immobile QB in the league you really need studs on both sides of the line. Additionally for as much as I've heard his footwork is bad, hes not an elite pass protector etc, I've heard he pass protected well in the SEC. To me that says his ceiling is very high, if he can rely on his physical + athletic gifts to pass protect well, when he becomes polished in his mechanics he can probably be an absolute beast. To me this pick is simple, the front office want an amazing Oline for rivers, and he is once in a generation physical specimen, albeit a bit of a project to hit his ceiling, still a great player from day 1.

Oh last little optimist tidbit, all that whining yesterday about "we were supposed to take BPA QQ" was really annoying, its possible plenty of teams see D.J. Fluker as a top tier RT prospect its just at a position thats less valued(which is why most mocks had him mid-late first, not because he wasn't good), and its more than likely that Vacarro, Rhodes, Star etc, are all above average starters in this league. So they really did take the BPA, just not at a position of need... or a sexy position... hopefully it pans out.

Glass is half empty:

TT n Co' used their fucking 11th pick on a marginal upgrade over Clary....The only possible reasoning behind this thought process is to sell tickets. It was more than likely the doing of Spanos or Kid Spanos. With no doubt the Chargers fans and the season ticket holders were banging on the table to have the team protect Rivers which is beyond reasonable. There was probably a lot of fans who wanted Clary replaced, despite the fact he was not our biggest hole on the roster. What's not reasonable though? Using your 11th pick overall on a RT. This was nothing more than a crowd pleaser, they gave the people what they wanted. Congratulations all you whiny bitches who complained about our average right tackle. Hope your happy. 11th pick on a RT? that is a bit of a project? FML. To me anyone who complained about Clary, doesn't deserve to complain about this pick.

Anyway hope you enjoyed it, I felt like sharing my thoughts. I like to think in a year or 2 we will have a stud RT and LT now, so hopefully it was for the best. Oh and apologies for all my poor grammar :(.

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