7 round mock inc. scouting report

With the 11th pick in the 2013 NFL draft the San Diego Chargers select Kenny Vaccaro, Safety, Texas:

Kenny Vaccaro solves the revolving door spot that we've had at Safety for the last decade. We would now almost immediately have the best safety tandem in the whole league. Weddle and Vaccaro would be unbelievable as a partnership. The secondary would be much stronger as well as our run defense. No more Bigby biting on play action or Corey Lynch looking weak at SS. Vaccaro is a very good man-coverage safety. He locked up TavonAustin and has elite athleticism. Against the pass Weddle and Vaccaro would be a very dangerous duo. Vaccaro rarely takes risks in coverage and doesn't get caught out often. He rarely misses tackles and the only issue I saw with him was his ability to sift through blockers. Apart from that he would be an unbelievable addition to the secondary. Even with weak corners our 2 safeties would make any deep ball a chance for a turnover due to there athleticism, ball skills and anticipation. I would be overjoyed with this selection.

With the 45th pick in the 2013 NFL draft the San Diego Chargers select Kiko Alonso, Linebacker, Oregon:
Kiko Alonso could step in and be an immediate starter beside Donald Butler at the Mike position. Alonso has the ability to fly all over the pitch and take on blockers. He is another great athlete who is excellent pursuing runners from the backside and crazy enough to take on blockers on the strong side. Kiko is also a good cover linebacker which allows him to be a 3 down player on defense. He can cover big TE's pretty effectively. Alonso has side to side range and him and Butler would be a lethal Inside Linebacker combo. The only issue I have with Alonso is that on occasion he can take funny angles to the ball seemingly due to poor instincts. When working his way through blockers he can pick the wrong option and get shut out of the play. Needs to refine his technique and hand work but will be an effective starter straight out of the gate. Alonso has also had alcohol issues and a DUI. However he has stopped drinking and appears to have been sober for a year plus

With the 76th pick in the 2013 NFL draft the San Diego Chargers select Barrett Jones, Center, Alabama:
Barrett Jones would be an excellent selection for the Chargers due to our weaknesses on the interior line. Jones would be able to step in as a starter at Guard or could be a very capable back up for the center and both guard positions. In a pinch he also may have the capability to slide across to Right Tackle. Jones lacks athleticism to be a standout starter but could be a capable guard/center due to his technical abilities. He lacks the power to be a very good run blocker but is decent and can wall people off from the play. He is susceptible to being bull rushed on passing plays if he gets beaten by the defensive tackle off the snap. However I think Jones would be a nice addition to the team that could add depth to a lot of our O-Line weaknesses and maybe be a rookie starter. Due to his athleticism Jones has probably neared his peak already.

With the 110th pick in the 2013 NFL draft the San Diego Chargers select Leon McFadden, Cornerback, San Diego State:
Boy are we lucky to get such a talented player in the 4th round. This is a gut who in my opinion has late 1st or early 2nd talent but has 4th round size. With the depth of the Cornerback position in this years draft it is likely that McFadden could slip this far. McFadden is a tenacious and very sharp player. He has great acceleration and has amazing instincts. He has very good feet quickness and change in direction abilities which make him a good choice for a nickel corner. In zone coverage McFadden has excellent ability to burst onto the ball and this allows him to have a lot of passes defensed. He also has very good ball skills which will allow him to make interceptions and game changing plays in the pros. McFadden is a sure and reliable tackler and would be a nice addition to the secondary and could be an immediate starter from the 4th round. McFadden is small at 5"10 and has a small frame. However due to his athleticism and close coverage abilities I don't think this will affect him greatly.

With the 145th pick in the 2013 NFL draft the San Diego Chargers select Stepfan Taylor, Running Back, Stanford:
This guy was a highly productive running back who produced great numbers in college in a power blocking scheme. In the NFL I feel like he could be a decent Zone running back. He has good patience, juke moves and could be a good one cut runner. In space Taylor is good at getting past people however his problem in the NFL will be getting to space. Taylor is not quick and has poor top-end speed but has enough acceleration to hit the hole hard. If in a Zone blocking scheme he could get to the second level he will be a good runner. Taylor's shiftiness and ability to fall forward through contact makes him a good choice for us at running back. Taylor will make the wrong decision sometimes and will not outrun people. Taylor is also a good pass blocker as well as a pass catcher which would allow him to play 3 downs. I feel like Taylor, Woodhead and Mathews would be a dangerous 3 headed backfield. If nothing else Taylor would be able to fill in for Mathews when he gets injured.

With the 179th pick in the 2013 NFL draft the San Diego Chargers select Marquess Wilson, Wide Receiver, Washington State:
Wilson has dropped down many peoples draft boards due to his quitting on the team. Mid season Wilson walked out of a conditioning session and claimed that his coaches were abusing the team. However he has since retracted these claims. This is obviously worrying but physically Wilson is a good player. Wilson is a tall, skinny prospect. He has good hands when he wants to and can drag down the ball in traffic. However he does have issues in that he seems to lose concentration during games and will drop easy balls. Wilson is a good YAC receiver. When getting the ball in space Wilson has the ability to beat several defenders and find the end zone. At the NFL level he will need to be more physical in getting off the line against physical Cornerbacks. I feel like Wilson is a good system fit for the Chargers. He is awesome at jump balls when he tries because of his 6"3 height and leaping ability as well as body control. Wilson ran a 4.51 40 which for his size is good.

With the 221st pick in the 2013 NFL draft the San Diego Chargers select Sean Renfree, Quarterback, Duke:
Obviously it is unlikely that late round QB's will pan out but I think this guy has a good chance. Renfree is highly accurate and very smart. He understands football and had a 67% completion figure last year in college. Renfree can throw the ball in front of people to help them get YAC. He is pinpoint accurate and despite not having a strong arm he has enough to get by. Renfree is good at progressing through his reads. He is smart enough to see pressure coming and is good at getting rid of the ball to his hot receiver. He lacks in arm strength but if he can be as accurate in the NFL as he was in the NCAA he will every chance of developing in to a good backup/low end starter. I think there's a chance Renfree could replace Whitehurst as backup straight off the mark.

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