San Diego Chargers Daily Links: April 17, 2013


Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Tom Telesco navigates a 'unique' draft - Michael Gehlken (paywall)
"We do this for a living every day, and we don't really know … who's going to go in the first 10 picks," Telesco said. "We have to be prepared to maybe trade back, maybe trade up, maybe sit, but to have all those scenarios done before draft day so draft day is very quiet.

Tavon Austin Is a New Breed Of Player, Like So Many Before Him - Chase Stuart
It’s become trendy in recent weeks to discuss how players like Tavon Austin are "changing the game," after the success of multi-dimensional athletes like Percy Harvin, Darren Sproles, Randall Cobb, and Aaron Hernandez. Many football analysts have described these players as the next phase in the evolution of the game

2013 NFL Draft Big Board 5.0 - Chris Burke
The top two players in this Big Board are the same that have been in place since Big Board 1.0; player No. 3 has not moved since Big Board 3.0. There have been adjustments just about everywhere else, as players participated in the NFL combine and completed their pro days.

2013 Defensive Prototypes: Defensive Line - Sam Monson
The numbering essentially begins head-up over the center, and works out toward the line of scrimmage in either direction. The numbers can designate a head-up alignment over a blocker, or shaded to the inside or outside shoulder. So let’s take a look at the major techniques used in the NFL and identify a prototype player for each, starting with that middle spot.

Historical Draft Efficiency: College Rankings - Danny Tuccitto
Based on the comments sections the past few weeks, I'm glad to see the Football Outsiders readership enjoying this series. As I stated in the first installment, my aim here has been to try to put numbers on things the best I can, and thereby drum up an entertaining discussion. With franchise rankings and an objective take on the best and worst drafts out of the way, we can now turn to more granular draft splits based on value above expectation (VAE) and return on investment (ROI). Today, I'll stoke the fire that is alumni passion.

Mock Draft Tracker 7.0 - Ricky Henne
What he says: "Mingo is not a finished product at this point, but his combination of speed and quickness gives him a chance to develop into a double-digit sack producer as a pro."

Prospect Profile: Terron Armstead - Ricky Henne
Arguably no player has benefited more from the draft process following the end of the collegiate season than Terron Armstead from Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Coming from a school that the majority of the country didn’t know existed, Armstead has parlayed one dominating performance into another making himself a popular name heading into the draft.

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