San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 7, 2013


Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Winston cut may shift thinking on No. 1 pick - Bill Williamson
The Chiefs cut right tackle Eric Winston on Wednesday night. His signing last year by the previous regime was considered a coup. He was particularly good in run blocking last season, but struggled some in the pass offense. His release saves a reported $3.5 million as the Chiefs march toward free agency.

Is Elvis Dumervil on his way out of Denver? - Bill Williamson
I can see the Broncos, who could always try to trade the defensive end, having trouble getting Dumervil to agree to a straight pay cut. Pass-rushers get premium dollar on the open market. Dumervil, 29, could attract interest on the market. He could easily take his chances and call Denver’s bluff.

2013 NFL Mock Draft: The typical mock draft - Kenneth Arthur
11. Chargers - A defensive player that you're surprised was still available

Performance Based Value: Wide Receivers - Peter Damilatis
Jackson is on this list not for poor play, but for having a salary too rich to outperform. He sparked the Buccaneers’ offense while earning the fifth-highest grade of all receivers this season. His 19.2 yards per catch was the highest of any receiver with over 20 targets, and his 633 yards on Deep Passes was second to only Calvin Johnson. As his cap hits decrease over the next few seasons, his value differential should only go up.

Mailbag: Will San Diego have a Ball? - Bill Williamson
I like Ball a lot. I think he is going to be a standout runner, and that he could be an intriguing idea for San Diego. But I also think the Chargers could find a complement to Ryan Mathews in free agency. I can see this pairing working in the right situation -- but I’m not sure if it is likely.

Performance Based Value: Running Backs - Michael Renner
When watching Darren McFadden this season it’s hard to believe he’s the same running back who ran for over 5 yards per carry and 1,157 yards in 2010. He just wasn’t able to break tackles effectively. Out of 48 qualifying running backs, McFadden had the 42nd-best Elusive Rating and the 45th-best average yards after contact.

Performance Based Value: Safeties - Gordon McGuinness
Had Berry been drafted after the new rookie wage scale had been implemented, he likely wouldn’t be a part of this Top 10 and, a year removed from a season-ending injury, he had a much better second half of the season. Topped by his performance against the Oakland Raiders in Week 15, Berry looks to be on his way back to where he was before the injury. His overall play in 2012 just wasn’t good enough to merit $8 million, however.

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