San Diego Chargers Daily Links: February 1, 2013

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESS

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

What is Zone Blocking Anyway? - SDNativeinTX
Explaining a west coast offense would require about a few fan posts of its own, but the fundamentals of Zone Blocking can be easily grasped. Before that explanation, though, we'll review basic conventional blocking after the break…

NFLPA asks Chargers to replace team doctor David Chao - Craig Powers
The California medical board sought to revoke Chao's license in 2012, according to the USA Today. The board had evidence that the doctor had committed gross negligence on multiple occasions. Chao was the target of a medical fraud suit in 2006, stemming from his mishandling of a patient in 2003. He lost that suit, and the plaintiff was awarded $7.5 million in damages.

Chis Culliver sorry for 'ugly' remarks - ESPN
"I'm sorry if I offended anyone. They were very ugly comments," Culliver said during an hour-long media session. "Hopefully I learn and grow from this experience and this situation."

Bolts Madness Finals: Williams vs. Weddle - Ricky Henne
Nearly a month after we kicked off our first annual Bolts Madness tournament, the Finals is now underway. Which play will you crown our first ever champion? Will it be Demorrio Williams Pick Six vs. KC or Eric Weddle's Pick Six in Denver?

NFLPA targets Chargers' doctor - Bill Williamson
"There is a team doctor named Dr. Chao who is currently the San Diego team doctor," Smith said during the press conference, "who has been found liable of medical malpractice twice -- twice. The same doctor was the subject of a DEA investigation. He's still the San Diego Chargers team doctor.”

Next Man Up: 2012's Biggest Losses and Best Subs - Peter Damilatis
In five starts for the Chargers last season, Gaither surrendered just three quarterback pressures. However, as he struggled with injuries this season, Michael Harris stepped in and earned a dreadful 86.8 Pass Blocking Efficiency. That ranked dead last among all starting tackles.

How the Ravens Will Try to Contain Colin Kaepernick and the Diversity of the 49ers' Offense - Chris Brown
"The running game in pro football has gotten so boring," former 49ers coach Bill Walsh remarked some years ago. "There's just four or five plays they can run. I think the whole thing is headed in the wrong direction, and it's really unfortunate." Even after his passing in 2007, Walsh’s observation had held true for some time. That is, until now. And fittingly, it's the 49ers leading the way.

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