2014 NFL Draft Big Board Week 9 Edition

I think all of us Charger fans saw a culmination of how the season has gone for the Chargers all season. One game they look like a Super Bowl contender and the next they look like a top 5 pick in the draft. This team has been inconsistent on both sides of the field all year long. Unless the Chargers win this Sunday vs. the Broncos, they are pretty much out of the playoffs. The problem is, which Charger team will show up vs. the Broncos? The team that took down the Colts or the team that lets late leads/ opportunities to win slip away like against the Texans, Titans, and Redskins. This team should be 7-1, but for now they are 4-4 which would put them in the 16th overall pick in the next year's draft.

This team has talent they just have to put it together. Now, with the 16th overall pick let's go to our mock draft and big board... The Chargers will have 1 1st round pick, 1 2nd round pick, and 2 3rd round picks (departure of Vasquez)

1st Round

1. Louis Nix III DT Notre Dame- This NT tackle again, is one of the best even though he has been sidelined. Last week, I was a Nix fan, now I am kind of up in the air on this pick. Nevertheless, the Chargers need to get a top NT and if they got Nix he would be an instant upgrade over Thomas.

2. Ifo-Ekpre Olomu CB Oregon- I was a bit skeptical on the way he plays, but the more and more I watch this kid, he looks like will be a solid CB in the NFL. He reminds me a lot of Antonio Cromartie, except that he has the determination and guts to play and is more consistent. If the Chargers can select him, they should draft him.

3. Bradley Roby CB Ohio State- Another solid CB in this draft, he is very physical, and is great at tackling something the Chargers lack. He has great vision downfield and anticipates throws beforehand. He has an average size and would fit very well with the Chargers.

4. CJ Mosley MLB/OLB Alabama- This is a bit of reach at the 16th pick. The only reason I put a MLB in this draft is if Donald Butler were to leave in free agency. I highly doubt that Butler leaves though, but nevertheless I will include him here. He is very physical and anticipates throws. He reminds me a lot like Sean Lee LB of the Dallas Cowboys.

2nd Round

1. Ryan Shazier OLB Ohio State - Another player who might be a reach in the 2nd round, and maybe the Chargers would have to trade up to get him, but he is still a top OLB. Watch the tape on this kid. He is physical, he delivers hard knocks, and is quick off the edge. If he were to fall to the 2nd round, Shazier would be a steal. The Chargers could use him to replace Freeney after next year.

2. Gabe Jackson G Miss. ST- The Chargers need offensive line help, they should not waste their 1st round pick on a LT when their primary need is defense. If the Chargers somehow got 2 2nd round picks ( Trade Vincent Brown to a team in need of a WR, doesn't fit our offensive scheme anymore. OR Trade Ryan Mathews and Cam Thomas.), they should definitely draft an OG. Cyril Richardson will probably be taken late in the 1st round; therefore, Gabe Jackson should be taken in the 2nd. Instant upgrade over Jeromy Clary

3. Marqise Lee WR USC- Yep, his draft stock has dropped fast. Once considered the top WR in this draft, he has been overshadowed by Watkins, Evans, and even Mathews. Marqise Lee should fall to the 2nd round if he continues like this and because it is a week 9 mock draft, right now he would be a 2nd round pick. The Chargers could select him and utilize him along with Keenan Allen. We would have 2 top notch receivers to pair with Rivers and whichever QB the Chargers select in the future. ( Please be Jameis Winston jaja).

4. Timmy Jernigan DT FSU- Another great player out of FSU, the Chargers could use him as a NT/ DE, He is incrediblly fast for his size and has athletic ability like no other. He should come into SD and make a huge impact on the D-Line.

5. Trent Murphy DE Stanford- Reminds me a lot of JJ Watt. He is a guy who can make plays, long arms, physical, loves the game, and gives 110% out on the field. Murphy is a very smart player, tough, and should have no problem playing a 3-4 defense that the Chargers have.

3rd Round

1. Brandin Cooks WR Oregon ST- Cooks is an amazing athlete, he can adjust to the ball when it is thrown to him, runs deep routes, and is a great versatile slot receiver as well. He has the frame to be successful in the NFL, he stands at 6' 3". If he were to be drafted he would be a go to guy for Rivers.

2. Shayne Skov MLB Stanford- Again, this pick is if Butler left. The Chragers could use someone like Skov. He would be a versatile MLB who can read the plays just like Manti and is a hard hitter. We need physicality as well as athletic ability.

3. De' Anthony Thomas RB Oregon- Yes, I believe Thomas will slip in the draft board. Thomas is a modified, better version of Sproles. He is not a 3rd down back but rather a versatile, explosive weapon that can be used in 3rd down plays or screen passes. Thomas and Rivers would hit it off immediately.

4. Aaron Lynch DE USF- Whatever happened to the most hyped DE 2 years ago? The monster in ND who made big plays? Yes, he is still around and he still plays great. Problem is that he lacks a team that gets him national attention. His performance has been down due to the fact that he is being double or even tripled team. Lynch could fall off the draft boards and be selected right here in the 3rd round.

Rounds 4-7

Players to Consider

Ben Gardner DE Stanford

Prince Shembo OLB Notre Dame

Ladarius Perkins RB- Miss St

Isaiah Crowell RB Alabama St

Carlos Hyde RB Ohio State

L'Damian Washington WR Missouri

Josh Huff WR ORegon

Taylor Hart DE/ DT Oregon

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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