Ask a Bengals Fan from Cincy Jungle

Great marquee win by you guys yesterday, especially with the really bad call on Jeromey Clary earlier in the game. I'm looking forward to our matchup this Sunday, especially since last week was the Bengals' bye week and I'm a semi-fan of the Chargers. Feel free to leave any questions about the Bengals below.

This season has been absolutely wild for the Bengals, and has taken a toll on us Bengals fans. All in all though, we're happy that we're 7-4 and very much in play for the AFC's second seed, especially since we will soon be playing the Colts who haven't looked good at all since they lost Reggie Wayne, and we've already beaten the Patriots head-to-head.

Here are a few quick points about our season:

-We've lost 11 players to IR/IR-recall/PUP this year. 7 of those are key contributors, including the consensus best defensive tackle in the NFL (pre-injury, obviously), Geno Atkins, and one of the top corners in the league for a while now and by far our top corner, Leon Hall who is a San Diego native. We also have 4 additional key contributors who are extensively injured but cannot afford to go to IR and have been sitting on the inactive list.

-We have perhaps the most Jekyll-and-Hyde QB in the league, Andy Dalton. He produces averageish season stat lines, yet game by game he rarely plays like it. He'll either show up as Aaron Rodgers or as Blaine Gabbert, almost nothing in between. Our backup QB is former University of San Diego player Josh Johnson.

-Our defense, which has been ranked in the top-7 for 4 of the past 5 years (currently #6 for 2013), is chock-full of undrafted young guys, as well as aging veterans who were either signed off the street or acquired via trade at a very low price. We also have defensive linemen from Angola and Estonia.

-The Bengals were pretty-well-hyped heading into this year, with CBS Sports and SI senior NFL writers both picking the Bengals to go to the SB, and being featured on Hard Knocks.

Here's a look at our game results this year so far:

Week 1: Bengals own a double-digit lead in the second half, but blow it due to multiple turnovers deep in Bears territory and multiple bonehead personal fouls, lose 24-21 on the road

Week 2: Bengals rookies Bernard and Eifert run wild, Bengals force a few wacky turnovers as we win 20-10 over the Steelers

Week 3: Bengals become the first team in NFL history to be up by 14+ and be down by 16+ in the same game and still win, over the Rodgers-led Packers. There were 8 turnovers in the game. The game-winning score was a long fumble return when the Packers were just trying to burn some clock and tack on another score (here's the wild radio call: Newman Fumble Return TD ). Final score: 34-30.

Week 4: Bengals get owned by Brian Hoyer and the Browns defense in a horrific 17-6 road loss

Week 5: Bengals win 13-6 over the Patriots in a very close physical game, in which an absolute MONSOON occurred at exactly the right time when the Patriots were trying to tie it up with 2 minutes left. You pretty much cannot see the field when rewatching game film.

Weeks 6-7: Bengals win by the exact same score over the Bills and Lions, 27-24, both on the road, both on walk-off field goals. The first one came in OT, the second one was an epic 54-yarder that was barely good as time expired in regulation. Thad Lewis torched the Bengals in the first one, while Calvin Johnson had the NFL's play of the season in the second one:

Week 8: If not for a few wide-open overthrows/drops and the offense letting up on the gas pedal by the middle of the third quarter, the Bengals would have beaten the Jets by an approximate score of 77-9 (final score: 49-9)

Weeks 9-10: Bengals lose in OT in two consecutive games. The first one came on a walk-off safety by the Dolphins, the third time in NFL history a game has ended on a safety. The second one came after the Bengals had a crazy Hail Mary TD pass in a blustering wind as time expired in regulation.

Week 11: The Bengals score a franchise-record 31 points in the second quarter despite just 108 yards of offense, to beat the Browns. In that quarter, the Bengals set up those points via a beast-mode interception, two blocked punts, a fumble return, and a punt return.

So with all of these wacky games plus the preseason hype and injuries and Dalton's lack of consistency, that's pretty much the half of it for Bengals fans. Don't be surprised if Sunday's game fits right in.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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