What happened?

So, I'll start off with a link to the offensive snap count for the Chargers, per ESPN. Here. It should open in a new tab/window.

Take a look. Green got 22 snaps. Woodhead: 31; Mathews: 26, Allen: 71; Gates: 64.

What that screams out at me? Rivers trusts Green to pass block more than he should. He doesn't audible for him to go on a route, he keeps him in blocking schemes. When he gets free on a pass and Rivers happens to look his way, there's a big gain. One time per game. Apparently Rivers trusts him once a week?

But why is it that Rivers only throws a complete pass to him once in 73 counted (by ESPN) offensive plays? I know the question has been asked, but is the offensive line so bad that Rivers needs to keep a great potential receiver in as a blocker because he doesn't trust the line and has nobody else who can help? Is it that he doesn't trust the receivers, and he wants an option who might be able to block and then slip free?

I don't know if I can blame MM if PR is actually calling plays at the line. If PR and MM have decided that he's a threat that they need blocking more than downfield, I just want to see more passes completed with the kind of stats Green pulls off. In additon, why is it that there were only 9 plays (from adding the numbers) that 2 RBs were in the game?

Am I alone in thinking that having Allen, Green, Gates, Woodhead, V Brown spread and/or blocking with Mathews in the backfield might just make the defense wonder what the hell is going to happen? You can stack like you're going to run, and then spread them out wide and you have four receivers plus Mathews already on the field. Just let Rivers have run with creating mismatches.

Maybe this is the secret Kryptonite McCoy found out works on Peyton when you're trying to claw your way into a wildcard game? It might be the Frank Reich way. (He played with McKellar and Metzlaars, so he knows 2 TE sets.) The offense was off to such a great start, but the wheels seem to be coming off with no WD-40 to at least smooth it out.

Damnit McCoy, you're a coach, not a doctor!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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