2014 NFL Draft Big Board Bye Week Edition

The Chargers have been playing great this year, but frankly they still need to upgrade in several positions to be considered a "legitimate" contender like they were in 2006-2011. The Chargers need to improve on their defense, but many people say that they should select a secondary player. Look at the Kansas City Chiefs, the reason their secondary is so good is because Tamba Hali,Justin Houston, and Dontari Poe get pressure on the QB, and make him force throws or inaccurate throws. It all starts on the defensive line. Let's get to know some of the players the Chargers will be linked to when the draft comes around. We will cover 3 rounds. Round 1:

1) Louis Nix III, this player has been AMAZING. He is one of the best DT in the last 5 years. If you look at his play versus Alabama against Warmack and Fluker, you will see that he did not struggle. Louis Nix III is great against the run and batting passes down. Cam Thomas, is a good NT, but will never be anything compared to Louis Nix III. Louis Nix III would create a dynamic pass rush with Reyes-Nix III- Liuget. He would be a great fit because the Chargers need a DT, he would reunite with his teammate Manti Te'o. Here is a footage of him vs. Alabama.

2) Kyle Van Noy, this kid has the ability to get to the ball quickly. He is a monster on the field and makes some O-Lines look ridiculous. He has been the most productive player for BYU. Many people have him in the bottom half of the 1st round. The Chargers should consider drafting him because him and Melvin Ingram from the edge would be a tear.

3) Antonio Richardson, the Chargers need O-Line help, no question about it. Many people have commented that they are happy with the way Dunlap has played. I agree, but I think we both can agree that he is injury prone and he is not the long-term solution. With Fluker, being a monster on the right side and Richardson on the left, the LT would be set for the next 10-12 years.

2nd Round:

1) The Chargers again need more help in the D-Line and Stephon Tuitt out of Notre Dame would be a great pick in the 2nd round. Again, a guy who has been overrated at times this season and also underrated, truth is we don't know if he will be a 1st round or 2nd round pick. What we know is that he is a monster in that D-Line and can get after the QB. The Chargers could use him in order to put him in as a DE, he could create pressure and the Chargers could have a top 5 front seven in the league.

2) The Chargers need help at the outside edge and Vic Beasley out of Clemson can do just that. He is tied with Michael Sam (who will be mentioned later in this draft board) for most amount of sacks and fumbles. The Chargers need someone like him as a playmaker, but his lack of size may hurt his draft stock which leads me to believe that he could slip all the way to the 2nd round where the Chargers can get a steal with him.

3) Cameron Erving, OT out of FSU. Again, if the Chargers are unable to select a LT in the 1st round, they should look into Erving in the 2nd round. He is a beast from the left side and has done a nice job protecting Jameis Winston. The Chargers could certainly use a guy like him, because although he does not have as much talent as Richardson, the coaching staff has been great all season and they should be able to make him into an elite LT.

3rd Round

1) Michael Sam, OLB/DE out of Missouri. I can bet you anything that you have not heard of this guy, now you have. He is tied in CFB for most sacks and fumbles and leads the league with most TFL. So why is he falling all the way to the 3rd round? Again, he is an underrated prospect who could have huge upside, a lot like Geno Atkins from the Bengals. If the Chargers could get Michael Sam in the 3rd Round, they would be getting a playmaker who has experience against great teams, as he plays in the SEC unlike many other pass rushers. The Chargers are great fit for him because he is physical which the Chargers are slowly turning out to be and because he would add to a young core of high upside players. No video of CFB for him, sorry! :(

2) Dominique Easley, this is another player who may fall to the 3rd round due to injuries. He has had surgery on both of his needs and no team wants that, but he does bring leadership and talent. When you are in the 3rd round and see a player with such potential, you go after no matter what the risks are. **(The Chargers did this with Keenan Allen and look how he has played, arguably the biggest steal of the draft.)He is a great fit because if the Chargers miss out on Nix, they could draft Easley instead all the way to the 3rd round and address other holes.

3) Anthony Steen, G out of Alabama. The Chargers need to replace Jeromy Clary and what better way to do it than with an Alabama G. He would fill in a hole the Chargers have, and also would join his teammate DJ Fluker. The Chargers need a guy like him to make their team better for the future.

4) Bishop Shankey, RB. Ryan Mathews becomes a free agent after the 2014-2015 season, the Chargers could replace him with someone like Shankey, who is physical and has a lot of talent. 4 years ago, he would have been a high 2nd round pick or even late 1st round, but with the league becoming a QB league, his draft stock should fall. The Chargers could get him and replace Ryan Mathews with a more physical, reliable RB.

I hope you liked my picks, and again, please write comments so I can take into account what your points are. I hope you see the logic behind all of these, and NO CB please. You build a team from the inside out, I rather sign a FA and wait for a good CB class. Thanks

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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