The West Is The Best!

Is it just me or does the new crop of sports writers sound like a bunch of whinny east coast idiots? Chris Wesseling's article "Vikings make Giant's D look good" is the opitome of self serving yellow journalism. Eli Manning was only better than Josh Freeman because he knows the offense, I am starting to think the Detmer brothers were a beter tandem then the Mannings. I am Sick of hearing about this loser Giant team especialy after watching one of the worst coached, executed and played games to ever air on television. Please, New York is not important, nor is it the home of the American Dream; it is where the American Dream goes to die. New York sports fans are spoilt cry babies and their sick incessant need to feel like the center of the world has to end now before we can advance through this century.

Back to important issues the bye week and the mid-season crunch. The AFC West teams will take bye weeks one at a time starting this last weekend with the Raiders. The Raiders will come back Sunday to face The Steelers at home in week 8, the eagles at home in week 9, and go to New York for a certain victory against the Giants in week 10.

The chiefs - before i get to the chiefs go to this url

turn down the volume and shout hey kool-aid!-

the Chiefs who just had their second one point victory this year (both against teams from Texas) will play week 8 at home against The Browns followed by a week 9 trip to Buffalo, in week 10 the Chiefs get their bye and the final bye of the AFC West teams.

The Broncos (who have the second most spoilt fans in football) will have the Redskins at mile high in week 8 before going into a week 9 bye.

The Super-Chargers have the Week 8 bye hoping to heal up some players before a week 9 meeting for an early game in the nation's capital against the Redskins a must needed win and a tune up for week 10 when the Donkos come to San Diego after coming off their Bye.

Week 11 will have The Chargers go to Miami, The Raiders in Houston and The Chief facing The Broncos at mile high. Week 12 has The Chargers in Arrowhead, The Raiders face Tennessee and The Broncos play The Patriots on the sunday night game.

My prophetic skills are not as in tune as they were when I was a young man, but after week 12 I have the standings for the AFC West as: 1)Chiefs 9-2, 2) Chargers 8-3, 3) Broncos 8-3, and 4) Raiders 7-4. As in week 13 we finish off the 3rd quarter of the season with The Raiders going to Dallas, The Bengals coming to San Diego and the Broncos going to Arrowhead to face The Cheifs. A 3-way 9-3 tie for first place. The Chargers having one loss in the division, with the Broncos and Chiefs both having 2 loses within the division and 3 AFC West team making the playoffs 4 weeks later, just as it would be if the season ended today.

Am I mistaken? The continual snub of west coast teams by the damned east coast biased media looms even larger in this certain scenario, and there is no reason why as the NFC (L)East is only that way because of all the games against the AFC West. AFC West is back in their rightful place as the powerhouse division, best in the NFL.

one last thing for my rant: This Question just arose on the network- what is preventing the Colts from making the Super Bowl? Which the obvious answer is; that in the play-offs they will have to face an AFC West team.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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