Mike McCoy Finalizes San Diego Chargers Coaching Staff

Christian Petersen

The Chargers are done hiring, and firing, coaches. Here is Mike McCoy's coaching staff for 2013, his first year as Head Coach in San Diego.

After a few hirings and firings, San Diego Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy has finalize his coaching staff and can now turn his attention towards scouting free agents and college prospects. You can see the entire list here, or below.

Offensive Coaching Lineup

Offensive Coordinator: Ken Whisenhunt (NEW) The former Arizona Cardinals Head Coach and Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Coordinator is well-regarded. He'll be the one calling plays for the offense.

Quarterbacks Coach: Frank Reich (NEW) Famous for leading the largest comeback in NFL history and also the largest comeback in college football history, Reich will be tasked with "fixing" Philip Rivers.

Running Backs Coach: Ollie Wilson Ollie has been on-and-off with the Chargers for about a decade now. I've never been a big fan of his, seeing as how the only RB that seemed to succeed under him was LaDainian Tomlinson, but he's probably not terrible.

Wide Receiver Coach: Fred Graves (NEW) We went over Graves' unorthodox methods yesterday. Graves hasn't done much with the Panthers' WRs over the last few years, but he'll have a better group to work with in San Diego.

Tight Ends Coach: Jason Michael The Tight Ends haven't exactly been gangbusters the last three seasons under Michael, but they haven't been bad either. I hope Antonio Gates was included in the discussion to keep him.

Offensive Line Coach: Joe D'Alessandris (NEW) Maybe my favorite new coach because of what he was able to accomplish with the Buffalo Bills with Chain Gailey. With an influx of new talent, the line show improve dramatically under D'Alessandris' watch.

Defensive Coaching Lineup

Defensive Coordinator: John Pagano Pagano's first year as DC wasn't much different from his brother's first year as DC with the Ravens, a year that landed him a Head Coaching gig with the Indianapolis Colts. Plenty of reason to be optimistic about his future.

Defensive Line Coach: Don Johnson I still contend that bringing in Johnson was the biggest contribution Ron Rivera ever made to the San Diego Chargers. An excellent DL coach that continues to excel.

Linebackers Coach: Joe Barry Joe took over for Pagano last season and the Linebackers were … okay in his first season. He probably deserves another year, and he seems to have a fan in John Pagano.

Assistant Linebackers Coach: Greg Williams I know very little about Greg, except that many at Chargers Park think highly of him.

Secondary Coach: Ron Milus (NEW) Milus was the scapegoat for the "hail mary" type play that ended the Denver Broncos' season, but under his guidance the Denver secondary was at least average. He'll have his work cut out for him with the current crop of Cornerbacks and Strong Safeties on the roster. (Editor's Note: This guy called it a few days ago.)

Special Teams

Special Teams Coach: Kevin Spencer (NEW) Spencer, who ran some solid Special Teams units for the Arizona Cardinals, has some big shoes to fill with Rich Bisaccia leaving for Auburn University.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Kent Johnson (NEW) Stolen from the Browns and, most likely, recommended by Ron Wolf (who worked with him in Green Bay in the mid-90s). If the two toughest/strongest teams in the league meeting in the Super Bowl should teach us anything, it's that the Chargers need a good strength and conditioning coach to compete.

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