San Diego Chargers Daily Links: January 18, 2013

Christian Petersen

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Studying the Raw Materials of Chip Kelly’s Up-Tempo Offense - Chris Brown
With Chip Kelly going to the Eagles, there’s been much hand wringing about whether Chip Kelly’s offense will work in the NFL, whether he’ll bring it to Philly verbatim, and so on. I honestly don’t know the definitive answer – I am not sure Chip does — but I’m certainly looking forward to watching. Nevertheless, I expect Kelly to evolve his offense and, more importantly, tailor it to the personnel he has in Philadelphia.

Everything Supposedly Bad For The NFL Is Good For The NFL - Drew Magary
They all say that. That little capper from Taylor is all football fans need to absolve themselves of any guilt. Well hey, it's his life. If he wants to spend every night screaming in pain, that's his choice. MOAR FOOTBALL PLEEEZ.

Mike McCoy scores with Whisenhunt hire - Bill Williamson
Credit Whisenhunt (who will call the offensive plays) for keeping his ego in check and going to San Diego after being bypassed for the top job. He was clearly interested in working with Rivers. Also, credit McCoy for being confident enough to hire a competitor for the job. This doesn’t always happen in the NFL.

HFTE EXCLUSIVE: Chat transcript between Manti Te’o and Lennay Kekua - DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver
EXCLUSIVE: Sources close to the heart of the Notre Dame scandal have provided to Heading for the Exits an explosive transcript from a chat between Manti Te’o and his fictional girlfriend, Lennay Kekua. It is printed in its entirety below.

New Chargers playcaller has Super Bowl bling - Tom Krasovic (paywall)
Addressing reporters on Thursday after new coach Mike McCoy introduced him, Whisenhunt sang the praises of Dan Henning, who’s best known in San Diego as a failed former Chargers coach whose three teams went 16-32 (.333).

Exclusive Interview with Ken Whisenhunt - Ricky Henne
We’ll get a chance to get some time and go through the tape, talk about what we want to do and what gives us the best chance to be successful going forward. That’s not something that you can sit here a couple hours after you’ve gotten the job and say this is what we’re going to do. I think what we’re going to do is try to put our guys in the best position to score a lot of points, make plays and get our fans excited.

Chargers Hit Big, Nab Whisenhunt as Offensive Coordinator - Ricky Henne
After landing two of the most highly sought after men on the NFL market by naming Tom Telesco general manager and Mike McCoy head coach, the Chargers announced today they are hiring former Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt as their new offensive coordinator.

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