The "Real" Mock Draft

Okay, so I've seen Mocks everywhere having the Bolts take the most random positions, and I've had enough. Yesterday I saw a mock draft having the Chargers taking a TE in the 2nd, blasphemy. So I'm going to touch on who could help the team in the draft, assuming the player falls there.

Rd 1-Chance Warmack, G, Alabama.Trade back 5 spots to the Rams for their pick 16, while acquiring their 2nd round pick-We draft Chance Warmack at 16. This kid is a Mauler. Good leverage, long arms, the best offensive lineman on the best offensive line in the country. He instantly gives the Chargers a chance to improve their run game dramatically, and keep #17 off his back, or what most would call "running" for his life.

Rd 2 pick 11-Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State-With our first pick in the second round we draft a prototypical corner in today's day and age, big and fast. Rhodes is on the taller side of 6'1, and about 220, and he can run. Unlike #20 on the Chargers Rhodes prefers to be physical. He loves to play bump and run, man to man coverage. He has very good ball skills as well, and has pro bowl talent. Durability keeps him out of the 1st round, and falls right into our laps.

Rd 2 pick 16-Oday Aboushi, LT, Virginia. With our 2nd pick in the 2nd round we address arguably the most pressing need on the team, offensive tackle. Aboushi is that guy. Since '06 no school besides USC has produced more OT's than Virginia. Aboushi is big and athletic, and very good at pass protection. He is consistent, and that's what we need. According to CBS he graded over 90 in every game this year. At left tackle he would provide an athletic presence who can keep the QB clean. He needs to work on his run blocking, but he has all the tools to do so. He also hasn't missed a game since he became a full time starter, which is important for the Chargers since this year #78 really hurt us in that aspect.

Rd 3-Sean Porter, OLB, Texas A&M. A school that's produced a few pretty damn good pass rushers as of late. Porter is another one to add to the list. In '11 he had 9 1/2 sacks, and 17 tackles for loss. That was in the Big 12, where they throw it all over the place. In the SEC, where it's a lot more balanced, his role as a pass rusher reduced heavily, but he was still productive on the field. A&M used him in coverage, and he excelled in that, showing the ability to cover in tight spaces. Unlike last years 1st round pick, #54. He was all the athleticism in the world, some compare him to his former teammate, some guy named Von Miller, and in college he could simply just run by tackles to get to the QB. A potential starter once JJ moves along, he would need to add weight to do so, but this is potentially my favorite pick in the draft. I think going against guys like Joeckel and Matthews everyday in practice also make him better. If he's able to add 15 pounds, he can be a consistent 10 sack guy in the league.

Rd 4-Menelik Watson, RT, Florida State. 6'6, 320, and one of the most athletic players in the draft. I don't know if you guys have heard his story, but he's a former boxer/basketball player. He is still raw, but potentially can develop into a very very good player. In college he got away with a lot, simply because he was more athletic than the guy he faced. He moves well, and can get to the second level in the run game. He also does a good job shadowing pass rushers, without over extending and getting out of position. He has a lean frame, and is very well conditioned, again unlike #78 for the Chargers, he plays just as well in the 2nd half as he does the opening drive. He might shoot up to higher rounds because he will put up gaudy numbers at the combine. He will take time to develop, but this pick is worth it. He also could probably be a guard in the future if need be. Another guy that is above average in pass protection, an upgrade for what the Chargers currently have.

Rd 5-Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia. Another prototypical corner in today's game. He's 6'2 217. He has a good feel for the game. Played very well in a top tier conference. He's literally played every position in the secondary, proving his versatility. I think the fact that the staff put him at several positions kind of hurt his draft stock, where if he would have played 1 position his whole career, he would have had much higher production. In 2 1/2 years as a starter, he's recorded 7 interceptions, and has shown a good knack for being around the ball with 95 tackles. He could also feel the role as a Strong Safety, while Taylor gets healthy, potentially even becoming a solid starter there as well.

Rd 6-Kerwynn Williams, RB, Utah State. Finally, we get Darren Sproles back. This kid is an electric runner, that has the open field ability to make anyone miss, and can flat out fly. He averaged 6.4 yards per carry this year. He also provides an excellent return man and receiver out of the backfield. He had 45 catches for 697 yards, and 5 scores. Even though he isn't a household name, he would do wonders in the passing game for the Chargers. He might not be the blocker Ronnie Brown was, but for all the catches Brown had out of the backfield, Williams could take those, and turn them into 20 yard gains. Even if it wasn't at a top level, his production can't go unnoticed. His skill set very valuable to what the Chargers do on 3rd down.

Rd 7-Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State. He quit on his team with a few games to go in the season, largely due to the fact he wanted nothing to do with how Mike Leach was running things. Nonetheless, you don't quit on your team. However, coming into the year he was regarded as a breakout player, and his size would fit perfect for Rivers "jump ball" mentality. He'll run a mid 4.5, but he does have deceptive speed. He also needs to add strength, but as a 7th round pick, you're not expecting a whole lot anyways. He also showed this year he can win the 1-1 jump ball situations. He's young and talented, and with good coaching and willingness to get better, he could be pretty good for the Chargers for years to come.

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