Predicting who stays and who goes (TE, T, G, and C)

I started with evaluating the Quarterbacks, the Running backs, and the Wide Receivers on the Chargers roster. I will make this a miniseries where I evaluate everyone under contract, and will tell you if I think they stay or get the boot.

Tight Ends:

Antonio Gates - Kept - This guy is slowing down. This was his worst statistical season since his rookie season, even though he said he was feeling better than he had in years. That being said, he will be back next year. He is under contract, and I believe is guaranteed 4.5 million dollars next season. He definitely proved that he is still a viable red zone target, receiving 6 TD's, tying him for the team lead.

Ladarius Green - kept - I believe that Ladarius Green is on the team next year. He will soon step up to take the #2 place on the depth chart, but as of right now, is being molded by one of the All time greats in Antonio Gates.

Randy McMichael - cut - I think that the cap hit by cutting him would be pretty low. This season was a season of Career lows, only getting 9 receptions on the year. The Chargers are trying to get younger, and this guy is going to turn 34 next season.

Dante Rosario - resigned - He's going to be 29 next year, and caught 3 TD passes this season. He can be the #2 under Gates for a season, while Ladarius develops one more season. He will be cheap, and is effective in the red zone.

Anthony Miller - cut - I didn't even know he was on the roster. He's a no name guy, and will be a training camp body. Nothing more.

------------------If the Chargers look for a new TE in the draft, I would like for them to look at Joe Fauria from UCLA. The man is 6'7" and caught 12 TD's last season. He'll go late 4th early 5th round. ------------------------------------------------------


Jeromey Clary - asked to take a pay cut and kept - He is not worth the 4 million he is owed next year, and if he refuses to take a pay cut, he will be looking for a place to go. And he's not a great Tackle, so it would be very hard for him to find a starting spot somewhere.

Mike Harris - kept - He will not start next year if the new Head Coach is smart. He is a valuable backup, but should not be starting right now. He is also signed to a 3 year contract.

Kevin Haslam - kept - He should not start, and is in the same position as Harris. The Chargers need someone to come in, and start, and not have injury problems (ahem Jared Gaither).

Steve Schilling - cut - He just does not have what it takes.

Charlie Bryant - cut - who?

Brandyn Dombrowki - not resigned - I think he ends up somewhere else after a cyst on his foot ended his season.

Jared Gaither - Reluctantly kept - Reluctantly kept by the new coach/gm. He is owed 4.5 million guaranteed next season, so he should be on the team. Will he start? It remains to be seen. I hope he has to work his butt off for his money, as he was a huge waste of money this season.

---The Tackle position will be targeted heavily in free agency and the Draft. Hopefully they can protect Rivers next year--


Tyronne Green - resigned - He is a free agent this offseason, but I think he has done enough to keep his job. He is one of the better *scoff* players on the O line at this point.

Louis Vasquez - resigned - Vasquez and Green are good enough to start next year at Guard for the Chargers.

Reggie Wells - camp body if anything - This guy couldn't hold a spot on the team this season, and I dont see him doing any better next season.

Johnnie Troutman - kept - This guy will be a very good guard at some point, and should compete for a starting spot next season, now healthy.


Colin Baxter - cut - I don't see a reason that he stays a Charger unless Hardwick decides he doesn't want to play under anyone other than Norv.

David Molk - kept - This is the future starting Center. He won the award for the best Center before this past seasons draft, and he should be able to keep his job.

Nick Hardwick - kept - This guy will pretty much always have a spot on the Chargers. He was the best player by far on the line this season, and I hope he comes back.

Drastic changes, but they shouldn't effect the team negatively.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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