NFL Roster Cuts: Prediction for San Diego Chargers 53-man roster

Harry How

All of the preseason games have been played and tomorrow is the "final cut day" for NFL teams to reduce their rosters to 53 players. Nothing is left now but to predict which 53 players the San Diego Chargers will keep.

Now that the San Diego Chargers have played their final preseason game, and there's nothing more than will affect the team's decisions for roster cuts tomorrow, here is my prediction for the 53-roster that the team will have come Monday morning.


Quarterback (3)

Running Back (5)

Wide Receivers (6)

Tight Ends (3)

Offensive Line (7)

(I don't feel great about the Mike Harris selection. That could easily be Nick Becton, but I went with Harris because he has gotten way more reps with the first and second team offensive lines than Becton has. It could also be a free agent they find from somewhere else. Point is, they need a swing tackle and Max Starks can't possibly be trusted to be that guy at this point.)


Defensive Line (7)

(There's my surprise to make the team right there. Moore has great size, looked really good against the 49ers last night, and they're going to need someone that can play Damik Scafe's role if Scafe is hurt for the next few weeks. Moore was also fantastic against the Bears, and hasn't been bad otherwise.)

Linebackers (9)

Defensive Backs (10)

Special Teams (3)


Brad Sorensen was my last guy in, which means he could very well be out. Especially if the team wants 8 offensive linemen. I'm less high on him as a developmental player now that I know that he's 25 years old.

Ronnie Brown was my second-to-last guy in, which could also be bad news for him. Fozzy Whittaker and Danny Woodhead have essentially made Brown expendable, and he showed nothing in the preseason to convince me that he's worth a roster spot. He only got in because I put in everyone I thought would make the team and had two open spots left. I'd rather the team carry 7 WRs than 5 RBs, personally.

Robert Meachem would've made the team, but his concussion last night makes me think he'll end up on IR instead. Maybe as the guy that the team can bring back later in the season. I don't believe the team can release him if he's injured, but I could be wrong about that because preseason rules are different.

I really like the flexibility of the offensive line. Between Dunlap, Clary and Ohrnberger, they can really shape-shift into any arrangement to account for any injuries.

You need all of those cornerbacks because of the Broncos and any other spread-style offense the Chargers will face this season.

Jahleel Addae makes Sean Cattouse redundant.

Thomas Keiser over Tourek Williams would've been tough a few weeks ago, but Keiser has looked great in the last two games for San Diego. They need a pass rusher in that spot and he's the closest thing to it on the roster right now.

Ohrnberger starting over David Molk last night immediately removed Molk from the "safe" list.

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