Cuckoo for Nick Canepa: Dean Spanos and Jerry Jones

Sometimes Nick Canepa drives me crazy. And then I write about it.

As Nick Canepa sat in the press box at Qualcomm Stadium, prior to the pre-season clash between the Chargers and Cowboys, he looked down upon Jack Murphy Field. Nick's back straightened and his eyes focused with steely intent as he observed NFL owners, Dean Spanos and Jerry Jones, converging for a pre-game discussion.

Nick's excitement overcame him. Watching these two powerful individuals of influence caused the mind of Nick Canepa to shift into overdrive. His mental Rolodex flipped with fury, desperately searching for the proper historical analogy that could best describe the meeting of two world-shapers. The mind of Nick Canepa yielded the following . . .

Nothing displays a sportswriter's versatility and acumen like a Football / World War II reference. After all . . . football is like war.

I love the image of Jerry Jones as Joseph Stalin: The totalitarian owner willing to send players off to correctional labor camps and to purge his great organization of all dissenters.

Perhaps the connection between Dean Spanos and Franklin Delano Roosevelt is even more apropos: A man who rose to power on the heels of a powerful family name.

The "Big Two" hammering out peace accords in Yalta, 1945. Historic stuff.

Of course, your memory reminds you that there is no such thing as the "Big Two". You are confident of this, having once spent a year of your life as a junior in high school.

You learned of a world engaged in war, yet again. You learned of the Axis powers and the Allies and after years of turmoil fighting across continents, and the war began to near its conclusion, you vaguely recall a picture.

This picture commemorates a meeting of Allied leaders in some far off place with an unfamiliar name. It was the Big Three at the Yalta Conference. It's difficult to remember everything you've ever learned but there's just something about pivotal moments in the history of mankind that refuses to leave your hippocampus*.

*I had to look this up. I don't remember sh*t about my science classes.

But I'm left with one question? Where the &*%# is Winston Churchill in Canepa's tweet? This is revisionist history!

Perhaps it wasn't an oversight at all on Canepa's part. Maybe Roger Goodell is Winston Churchill but the commissioner was deep within the bowels of the Q getting himself regular at the time. Who knows?

I don't begrudge Nick Canepa's decision to intertwine sports and history but if he's going to drop knowledge on us then at least get it right.The readers of San Diego are owed at least that much.

If Nick Canepa is going to go for numerical inaccuracies with famous meetings of powerful historical figures then give us something more entertaining. I don't know, maybe something like this:

Dean Spanos and Jerry Jones meeting on the pregame sidelines at Qualcomm. It feels like the VMAs, 2003. Historic.

That tweet would be weird. But it's a historically inaccurate tweet I could live with.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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