Second Preseason Game First Half Review

Here's this again, the whole first half this time. Not nearly as fun as the last one, but it was worth a re-watch to moderate my disappointment with the poor first-string play. I added the time to help people keep up if anyone wants to follow along on tape.


Coverage team did very well, Hester gets the tackle at the 12. Stuckey, Gachkar, Ingram, and Battle were all within a few yards as well.

Defense First Series

1 Pass 14:54

Johnson, Martin, Franklin, Liuget, Phillips L-R. Off man coverage. Bigby blitzes, nearly gets there. Johnson stunts and would get through if he was faster. DL can't get off their blocks. Pass is to Murray in the flat, who blows by Spikes and is tripped up by Butler. Weddle finishes.

2 Run 14:23

Same defense, OLBs flipped. Jammer's at the line, Cason 10 yards off. DL doesn't get moved initially, but can't eat up all of the blockers and the OL pushes the pile. Johnson does great, nearly comes free but the run isn't coming his way. Nobody (i.e. Franklin or Martin) gets an arm on Murray and he breaks through the pile. Spikes, Butler, and Weddle make the tackle.

3 Pass 13:49

Same defense. ILBs show blitz. Off Man coverage. Martin gets a good jump and Butler takes his guy, but can't get free in time. Nearly tipped the pass. Franklin does nothing. Liuget falls. Spikes comes in free but too late. Pass is to Bryant underneath the coverage, as Jammer is playing way off.

4 Run (delayed handoff) 13:30

Same defense. Martin again gets a great push. Franklin is doubled. Martin has the RB dead to rights, but can't get his arms around him. Murray is a slippery guy. Liuget and Johnson get off of their blocks, but Liuget gets faked and Johnson runs into him, then has to redirect and can only get a hand on the RB. Bigby is there eventually, Butler and Spikes wrap up for the tackle. Johnson is supposed to set the edge, but came inside on a stunt and the RB was able to go around. Hmm.

5 Pass 12:49

Same defense. Looks like zone coverage. Martin again is singled and gets a decent push, can't get free. Liuget comes on a little delay, but there are two OL to meet him. Phillips gets pushed out of the play. Tons of room underneath for the pass to Murray, who hits Jammer hard (they check on each other after the play; that's cool) and gets pushed out by Butler.

6 Run 12:10

Same defense, OLBs flipped back to JJ on the left, SP on the right. That OL package looks like serious business. LG got away with a false start. Not sure if it's by design (could be a counter), but the blockers run to the strong side and Murray runs to the weak side of the pile where Liuget, coming outside, has left a hole. Spikes went SS and isn't there to fill it. Franklin does a nice job getting off of his block for the tackle. Butler is there as well.

7 Pass 11:41

Same defense. Man coverage. Franklin has a good initial jump, but the center gets his arms outside and holds him down long enough. Martin doubled and there's still a free blocker for the ILBs. Dallas is keeping a lot of guys in for protection. Liuget just throws off his blocker and comes at Romo, who pump fakes. Liuget is held. Pass is to Cason's side, well-covered. Incomplete.

8 Run 11:31

Same defense. Long series for these guys. Phillips and Liuget beat their blockers, FB blocks SP and Liuget is pushed from behind, but they get the RB. Nice effort by Phillips. Butler is there on the back end.

9 Pass 10:57

Phillips, Martin, Liuget, Barnes L-R. Butler shows blitz, then Spkies. Neither comes. Liuget and Martin both get outside and push hard. Romo has a lot of time. Jammer is on the receiver before they hit the ground and brings him down short of the first.

Punt. Fair catch.

Offense first possession

1 Run 10:04

Trying to run behind Harris and Green. McClain picks up Gates' guy, Gates goes to the second level and locks on, Harris can't hold his block. Brown tries to run between Green and Harris, but there's no hole. There is a hole to his right but he can't get to it. Probably not quick enough.

2 Pass 9:25

Play action (fools nobody). Harris can't set his feet from the start and gets pushed around. Tries a bear hug, commits too far inside and gets beat badly as the OLB gets his hands outside and sets his feet. TE stayed in to block with Clary, Harris left 1 on 1. Green and Hardwick double up. Vasquez controls his guy. Clary didn't seem to need the help. Sack.

3 Pass 8:51

3-man rush. Harris gets help from Green but again can't set his feet and is beat outside, but gives Rivers at least a couple seconds. Dump off to Gates, who stayed in to chip on the right side. Way short of the first. Hard to do anything when the defense can get pressure with three rushers.

4 Punt 8:11

Wright gets blocked and falls. Spurlock almost gets there but overruns the returner. McMichael eventually gets the tackle near the 40. Scifres kicked it 70+ yards.

Defense second series

1 Pass 7:56

Phillips, Reyes, Thomas, Liuget, Johnson L-R. Johnson doesn't rush. Reyes with a good push but can't get free. Phillips can't do anything with his guy. Thomas and Liuget are both singled and Romo has plenty of time. Again Dallas has free blockers; the RG doesn't even engage. Pass is to Cason's side, and once again the huge cushion leads to a short reception under the coverage. Bigby on the tackle.

2 Run 7:14

Phillips and Johnson flip. Phillips lines up at the second level. Bigby too, for a 4-4 look. Reyes doubled initially. Thomas gets awesome penetration and get a hand on the RB, but can't wrap up or fall on him because he's held. Liuget is doubled. Johnson is held. Reyes gets off his (now one) blocker and gets to the RB with Butler. Spikes is blocked. Flag on the Thomas hold.

3 Pass 6:42

Reyes and Liuget at DT, Johnson and Phillips at DE. Interesting alignment: Phillips and Johnson at 5-tech, Reyes at 0, Liuget at 3. Reyes doubled. Phillips and Johnson pushed out of the play. Wright misreads the throw and ends up way outside. Nobody there to pick up the receiver. Butler recovers for the tackle. Go find a way to watch it. Gorgeous tackle.

4 Pass 6:10

Poor camerawork, showing the sideline at the snap. Phillips, Reyes, Thomas, Liuget, Johnson. Johnson doesn't rush. Phillips' guy falls, but manages to be in the way and Phillips can't get to Romo, who scrambles and gets the pass away to Butler's guy, who can't hold onto it.

5 Run 6:03

Nickel Package. Liuget and Reyes at DT. Butler comes through the line and is just barely late to make the tackle. Phillips can't get off his block and fingertips the RB. Spikes uses great lateral footwork and hands to clear his block and wrap up the RB. Both ILBs are very good form tacklers.

6 Pass 5:23

Nickel. Martin and Reyes. Barnes at RDE, Phillips Left. Williams is in and comes on a delayed blitz. Barnes stunts inside, is maybe held but isn't getting there anyway. Martin and Phillips both get a good push, but Williams blitzing leaves the RB open. Butler again with the clean open-field tackle, but the RB tries to spin out of it and is nailed by Bigby and Jammer.

7 Pass 4:37

Nickel. Martin and Reyes. Johnson back in at RDE. Williams in for 4th and 1. Williams shows blitz, drops back. Weddle cheats up and blitzes. Butler on the delay blitz. Good pressure but Romo releases quickly. Bryant gets inside on Jammer on a quick slant, makes the catch for first down. Jammer has to get his hands on Bryant there to break up the timing, but doesn't for some reason.

8 Pass 3:59

Back to base. Martin, Thomas, Reyes. Johnson ROLB, Phillips LOLB. Martin and Thomas doubled. Play action fools Butler. Phillips beats his guy but Martin's blockers slide over. Martin eventually gets through, but Romo has had six seconds. Complete to TE short. Johnson nails him, Spikes wraps up for the tackle. The center is too far downfield, ineligible man called.

9 Run 3:28

Nickel. Williams in. Martin gets through and falls. Williams lines up on the RB but is tackled from behind by the TE. Manages to trip the RB, who falls forward for several yards and is finally downed by Weddle.

10 Pass 2:51

Base. Liuget back in for Reyes. Thomas pushes over his guy and gets a hit on Romo as the ball is thrown, complete to the FB in the flat. Phillips and Johnson pushed out of the play. Spikes is in position but can't make contact until the safeties come up. Spikes and Bigby hit the FB and he goes down. Martin is right there, too. Good hustle. We get a nice overhead shot to see the coverage. Bryant again gets inside, but Jammer gets in his face and disrupts the route. Cason plays clean man-to-man with inside technique. Bigby picks up the TE from Spikes (TE looks doubled over and under on Romo's read), who moves to the FB. Weddle is playing over the top.

11 Run 2:09

Base. Johnson and Phillips have the edges, but Butler is unable to fill the center as the FB picks him up. Spikes up, Martin and Thomas reach in, and everyone falls forward in a pile. Thomas and Liuget couldn't hold the line.

12 Pass 1:22

Base. Thomas doubled. Phillips stunts inside and is met by the RG. Thomas eventually gets free (and is held a bit) at the same time Phillips runs around the line and they both come for Romo, who gets the ball away easily. Had 4 seconds. Deep to Bryant in the back of the endzone, but he had already stepped out (note the ref's hat on the ground). Bryant comes down with an awesome catch, but probably stepped out again anyway. Flag on the Thomas hold.

13 Pass 1:14

Nickel. Ingram finally in on the right, spins right through the LT. Liuget draws a double team. Ingram overruns Romo a bit and the LT picks him up again. Romo launches it up for his WRs in the endzone, but Bigby and Jammer have position. Bigby gets two hands on the ball on a perfectly timed jump, nearly brings in the INT but can't get a grip on it.

14 Pass 1:07

Nickel. Ingram and Barnes on the outside, Martin and Reyes inside. Ingram stunts inside but the center is free and picks him up. Romo has five seconds before Reyes finally gets around his guy (after much running around by all). Romo goes endzone again, Butler is flagged for PI. Not a good call. Dallas gets another Ineligible receiver penalty, and there is much confusion. Ultimately, the WR apparently ran out of bounds at some point and so the PI doesn't count. Or something. 4th down.

15 Field Goal

Offense second possession

1 Pass 0:55

Play action. Screen to Spurlock. Clary can't get upfield fast enough and Floyd can't set his block. Goes for a few yards.

2 Pass 0:26

Hardwick and Vasquz double up. Green does well. Clary does well. Harris does well but is beat inside on a spin move right after the throw. Rivers has to throw short to R. Brown in the flat, who gets a few yards.

End of First Quarter

3 Run 15:00

Gates can't set his block and his guy gets through. Green gets beat and holds his guy pretty blatantly. Brown outruns Gates' guy but McMichael can't set the edge and and Brown has to keep running for the sideline, gets a couple before he's forced out.

4 Pass 14:34

Line does pretty well but Rivers never sets his feet as Clary can't set his and gets pushed back. Short pass to McClain goes for a decent chunk of yards.

5 Pass 13:48

Shotgun. Brown chips to help Harris. Hardwick and Vasquez double. Clary's guy thinks he's winning until Clary does his usual thing and just shoves him out of the way. No finesse to it, but it's effective. Harris does OK but is probably holding, hands well outside. Green is getting pushed until he throws an uppercut and stops his guy for just long enough. Another short pass to R. Brown in the flat. This looks like last year's offense. Brown breaks a tackle and goes for a decent gain.

6 Run 13:09

Green pulls, but his guy goes low and clogs the hole just enough. McClain picks up the edge, looks like he's holding. Brown stumbles a bit and Meachem can't set his block on the safety, who is already inside and makes the tackle in the hole.

7 Pass 12:29

Hardwick ends up covering two gaps and loses one of them; Brown steps in to pick him up. McClain helps Harris on the outside. Hardwick does very well to pull back and pick up Vasquez's guy, after Vasquez slides to help Green. Clary holds a little bit. Rivers is flushed as Clary's guy gets free. Rivers throws it away. Hardwick called for a hold on the LB he lost, ticky-tack call compared to what's not being called.

8 Pass 12:07

Shotgun on 2nd and 18. Rivers' quick release is the only reason he doesn't get sacked, and Both Green and Clary lose their guys. Ball is underthrown on a deep route to Meachem. Corner (Hello again, Carr) sees it, undercuts and jumps for the INT while Meachem is trying to redirect his feet. Meachem tries to strip it and can't. Have to think Rivers gets that away better if he has more time, but it looks like yet another miscommunication between the two. Maybe Rivers isn't used to Meachem's speed? Who knows, but with Brown out they need to work this thing out.

Defense third series

1 Pass 11:53

Base, with Liuget, Franklin, Reyes R-L. Quick pass to the WR in the flat. Johnson comes in unblocked but the RB picks him up. Phillips disengages and goes after the WR, backing up Jammer who gets a nice low tackle for minimal gain. Looks like Orton's in at QB.

2 Pass 11:16

Base. Franklin is doubled, Phillips is held a bit. Short pass to the TE, Johnson in coverage can't wrap up and whiffs the tackle. Cason throws his shoulder trying to bump the TE outside, gets shed. Spikes comes in and the TE steps out to avoid the hit. I would too.

3 Run 10:56

Franklin falls. Liuget falls. Butler is tripped up by a fallen OL but manages to make a very interesting tackle. Good effort. Weddle is there to finish.

4 Pass 10:29

Franklin gets a good jump and is doubled. Corners are playing very deep, Orton gets rid of it quickly and connects underneath the coverage. Cason lowers his shoulder and Bigby cleans up. Love that Cason is willing to hit a guy, even if he's too small to do much.

5 Pass 9:47

Base D. Ingram and English at OLB, both beat their guys. Franklin is doubled. Reyes gets through but Orton launches downfield and the WR brings it in over tight coverage from Jammer and a mid-air hit to the gut from Weddle. That's just a damn-good play by the receiver. Jammer is hurt.

6 Run 9:19

Ingram, Reyes, Thomas, Martin, English R-L. Thomas is doubled and pushed back. Reyes appears to get his hands on the RB but gets pushed forward in the process. Big scrum. Pile moves forward for a couple behind the double-team on Thomas.

7 Run 8:39

Thomas is doubled and Reyes is turned to create a hole. FB picks up Butler. Spikes, already engaged, hits the RB enough to stop him and manages to wrap up, but the pile is falling forward and a OL hits the RB in Spikes' arms to drive them over the goal line. Touchdown.

Offense third possession

1 Run 8:26

Vasquez pulls. Gates whiffs his block. Brinkley tries to cut back, runs right into Clary and trips them both. Gates' guy makes the tackle.

2 Pass 7:47

Hardwick and Vasquez double up. Harris gets beat outside just as Rivers throws. Meachem makes the catch in the air.

3 Pass 7:04

Clary picks up the same blitzing LB as Vasquez and the other gets free. Brown picks him up and does great for a while but Rivers tucks for the scramble or sack, dodges his own linemen, and gets the throw off as he's being hit by two guys. Actually completes it to Spurlock for a few yards.

4 Run 6:17

Vasquez pulls. Hardwick and Green can't clear the hole. Brown is hit and brought down behind the pile. LB gets chippy with Clary, Vasquez shuts him up.

5 Pass 5:32

Brown chips to help Harris. Hardwick helps Green. Clary lasts long enough. Complete to Spurlock over the middle. Floyd was open too, a couple yards shorter.

6 Pass 4:45

Green pulls on play action. The line does OK in a ‘wall of bodies' kind of way. Rivers complete to Floyd on the sideline for eight or so.

7 Run 4:02

Pitch to Brinkley. Hardwick and Green open a hole and Harris clears an LB before sliding to McClain's guy for some reason, who is already behind the play. Brinkley dives into a crowd of LBs for the first down.

8 Pass 3:19

Hardwick gets beat but holds and isn't called. Clary does OK. Harris does OK, always looks like he's about to get beat. Rivers is able to step up. Has McMichael short but goes for Brown on the jump ball. Brown goes up for it and gets his hands on it, but can't bring it in. The corner had his hand up but didn't tip the ball. Carr, once again, is the guy and picks it on the bounce off Brown's hands. Lots of agonizing bobbling and he finally hauls it in. Oof. Brown tries for the tackle, whiffs, McMichael cleans up.

Defense fourth series

1 Pass 3:10

Play action. Phillips isn't fooled and beats his guy, is held. Orton scrambles and gets the ball away, receiver drops it. Once again, Butler and Spikes are right where the ball was going.

2 Run 3:03

Base defense. Franklin gets penetration but is initially walled off from the run to Johnson's side. Johnson can't get off his block in time but Spikes fills the hole and Franklin breaks through to wrap up from behind. Bigby comes in behind Spikes.

3 Pass 2:25

Barnes and Phillips in. Martin and Liuget play 3-tech. No NT. Phillips gets around the RT, who once again gets away with a quick hold on POhillips, just enough to let the QB get rid of the ball. Complete over the middle to Wright's guy. Wright makes a good tackle and Butler, Bigby, and Weddle don't even need to step in. Lynch is in the game for some reason, playing very deep apparently.

4 Run 2:00

Nickel. Delayed handoff fools Phillips and Johnson, who both overrun the play. Phillips runs right past the RT but can't redirect fast enough to get the RB at the handoff. Williams has the RB lined up, but is outrun and has to turn upfield. Butler is at the edge but is engaged and can't break off as he's being held. Off to the races, Weddle keep stride but can't go in for the tackle. Cason gets low and hits the RB, who is forced out. The hold on Butler is called.

5 Pass 1:53

Nickel. Liuget doubled, then tripled as the FB comes in for a chip as Liuget's pushing his way through. Martin is doubled as well. Pass is complete to Wright's guy, Wright being just a step late again. Does well on the solo tackle.

6 Pass 1:41

Screen. Liuget and Martin get good penetration, then find themselves behind the play. So does everyone else, and Johnson has to come all the way from the other side for the tackle. Martin has kept pace the entire time; he is a very athletic, very big man.

7 Pass 1:18

Nickel. Martin spins out of his double-team but can't beat the inside man. Phillips has a well-timed jump and bats down the ball.

8 Punt 1:09

Punter drops the ball as Mouton and Lynch come in for him, but picks it up and runs for the first down.

9 Pass 1:02

Nickel. Reyes and Martin inside. Quick pass to Jammer's guy, but Jammer is there and hits him. Dropped pass. Butler intercepts it, maybe. Weddle gets flagged for a helmet-to-helmet hit. Not sure about either of those calls.

Offense fourth possession

1 Run 0:53

Green pulls. Big hole as Clary seals the edge, but Brown is a little too patient and the safeties are able to come up and make the tackle.

2 Pass 0:33

3-man rush. Hardwick and Vasquez double up. Green is free. Harris does OK. Clary gets beat. Rivers has to get rid of it quickly and gets hit anyway, but not too hard. Pass is short to Brown, who gets a couple.

3 Run 0:26

Green pulls but runs into Clary. Gates can't hold his block. Brown goes nowhere.

4 Pass 0:16

Line does well enough. Quick pass to Floyd on the outside for the first down and then some.

5 Pass 0:10

Line holds its own again and Rivers gets it out to Floyd for a long gain over the middle. Harris was beat but Green picked him up.

6 Pass 0:03

One rusher. A couple more come in late. Rivers checks down to Brown about 15 yards out, gets a few more before he's tackled. End of half.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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