Chargers Positional Analysis: Half Backs

This is probably the position where we have the most depth. Obviously Norv and AJ were not comfortable with just Curtis Brinkley to back up Ryan Mathews. So they did something about that.

HB1) Ryan Mathews - Entering his 3rd season. He's been working out while gripping a ball as tight as possible, trying to reduce his fumbling problems. He was really good last year, and he'll finally live up to expectations this year. I think he will make the Pro Bowl again this year, but not as a backup. Great pick AJ.

Overall Grade: A- (Still has fumbling problems. If he can fix them, he'll be set for a fruitful career)

Potential: A (Could be one of the better backs to ever don a chargers uniform)

HB2) Jackie Battle - He's still young. He's coming off the best season of his career, but don't expect similar numbers out of him this year. I doubt he'll see much work rushing the football. He is mostly there for insurance purposes. I expect 50 carries max out of him this year.

Overall Grade: C++ (Could fill in, in a pinch, and not be terrible)

Potential: B- - (I just don't see him getting any higher on the depth chart with the Chargers)

HB3) Ronnie Brown - He doesn't have much left in the tank as a rusher. But he can still catch the ball. He's going to be used to replace Tolbert in passing situations where the HB goes out for a pass. Outside of that, he shouldn't see too much work. He should get 20ish receptions next year. He has potential to get a lot more receptions than that, if Mathews can't cover for the departed Tolbert.

Overall Grade: C (Has started, just losing that gas)

Potential: B (He could fill in, in a pinch, and can catch the ball)

HB4) Curtis Brinkley - He was a 3rd stringer last year, and performed OK when called upon. He has showed some promise, but will probably not get a chance to be on the field in a Chargers uniform this season. He might beat out Ronnie Brown in camp, as more of a long term option, which honestly, I hope he does. I like this kid.

Overall Grade: C (The Chargers front office likes this kid, for good reasons)

Potential: B (He has filled in, and hasn't done terribly. I hope he makes the team)

HB5) Edwin Baker- He has promise to be pretty good at some point down the road. In reality he'll probably never start an NFL game, and will spend a lot of time on practice squads.

Overall Grade: D (Young, needs to be molded)

Potential: D (No upside to him yet)

HB6) Michael Hayes - He has potential to beat out Edwin Baker during the preseason, because of his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He will most likely not be on the Chargers this season, but hopefully will find a spot on some other team's roster, or practice squad.

Overall Grade: D (Young, needs to be molded)

Potential: D+ (Just because he can catch)

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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