Chargers Flag Football Selection: Nick Hardwick

Philip Rivers and Nick Hardwick enjoy a good laugh at the thought of anyone else on the team trying to play Center. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

After I made my selection of Robert Meachem with yesterday's pick, I started thinking about just what my team would look like lined up on offense and then I panicked that John might take Nick Hardwick. Luckily* John wasted spent his pick on the very raw rookie and third string (at best) tight end Ladarius Green.

Obviously, from that and the story headline, my selection is Center Nick Hardwick. Why Hardwick and why was I panicked thinking John would take him first?

I want my offense to be able to operate out of the shotgun and I don't know about you, but I don't want to count on a career offensive tackle like Jared Gaither to cleanly snap the ball to Philip Rivers on play. It only takes one bad snap to result in a turnover that could easily decide the game. It only takes being off by a little to throw off the timing of a play. Our options at center were the guy that has been snapping the ball to Rivers for years or a choice between late round draft picks** and guys that haven't snapped a football maybe ever.

This pick felt so obvious that I was kicking myself for not taking Nick earlier. I tried to get information from mutual acquaintances just who would be John's pick. When one of them told me it was Hardwick, I started trying to think of how to spin not getting him, but all I could come up with inevitably fell flat knowing John would just ask, "well, who's going to snap the ball to Rivers for your team?"'

Thankfully, John was too clever by half*** and lost his chance at getting the only worthwhile offensive lineman to instead select a player that (if I'm reading his explanation correctly) just happens to be really tall (and probably able to play football or something if we're lucky, so that's cool).

Now, we just kick back and wait for John to spend his next pick on the recently released Luis Castillo. Oh and why wasn't this a snake draft? How did John get the first pick?****

*I find that one feels lucky an awful lot when competing against John.

**Although apparently John likes taking rookies that aren't expected to contribute much at all in their first year as a pro, so maybe he's comfortable with that.

***That's more charitable than "stupid." Right? Yeah, I'm nice like that.

****Did I already win one of these last year and I just don't remember?

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