Fantasy Breakdown of Top 10 QB's as ranked by NFL.COM

So, last season, I ranked the best at the quarterback position, and then got bored. But this year, I will give you the ranking that NFL.COM gives each player, and I will tell why or why not that player deserves that ranking. I will also predict statistics for them, and give them a ranking based on my predictions!

1. Aaron Rodgers - Packers My Rank: 1

I do agree with this ranking of Aaron Rodgers. Last year, he didn't only achieve a 100 passer rating (which is not easy to do), he had a 122.5, which was 12.5 points above the 2nd best quarterback in the league. His team has not changed that much around him, so I expect similar numbers this year, but I think it'll be extremely hard to be that good again.

333/512 | 65% | 4352yards | 8.5avg | 34 TD | 7 INT

2. Tom Brady - Patriots My Rank: 4

I do not agree with this ranking of Tom Brady. He has been a little bit inconsistent throughout his career, if you look at his numbers. He has never had 2 consecutive 4000 yd.+ seasons, and there is no reason for me to believe that he'll be able to hit 5000 again. His #1 receiver, Wes Welker is getting older, who Brady relied on A LOT last season. If you look at the trend with running backs who touch the ball way more than normal one season, their numbers ALWAYS GO DOWN because of the wear and tear of the previous season. This is what I think will happen with Welker. It was showing at the end of last season. He'll be an above average QB once again.

345/532 | 65% | 4149yards | 7.8avg | 33TD | 11 INT

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3. Matthew Stafford - Lions

Honestly, this guy is hard to predict. He just hasn't had the opportunity to really prove himself consistent season after season yet. I just don't think he will be able to put up numbers like that again. Why, you ask? It's because he is still injury prone. One full season did not prove he is tough enough to last consistently throughout seasons. I think he'll get in 13 games next season. He'll be really good in those games, but I don't trust his body enough to make him my starter in fantasy, or even my backup. I don't agree with anyone drafting him in the first round. He is just too injury prone.

268/455 | 59% | 3048yards | 6.7avg | 29TD | 20 INT

4. Cam Newton - Panthers My Rank: 7

Two words... Sophomore slump. I don't think this guy will be able to repeat last season. He just hasn't proven himself as a legit starting qb in fantasy land. I know he had a great year last year, but look at Sam Bradford! He had the best rookie season ever, but since then, nothing... He'll still be good, but I think he's a lower end starter.

289/482 | 60% | 3567yards | 7.4avg | 25TD | 16 INT

96 Rushing Att. | 518yards | 5.4avg. | 3 TD |

5. Drew Brees - Saints My Rank: 2

New, Fresh, Big Money. Thats a huge motivator. Brees lost his head coach who has been calling all the plays, but the interim will be the OC. So, I predict a little bit of a drop off in numbers, but he will still be great. This guy is definitely a future hall of famer.

373/537 | 69.5% | 4403yards | 8.2avg | 39TD | 16 INT

6. Tony Romo - Cowboys My Rank: 5

When he is healthy, he plays really well. I think he'll be healthy all 16 games this season, and rack up some great numbers. What remains to be seen is what happens with Dez Bryant, and if Miles Austin can stay healthy.

336/502 | 67% | 3965yards | 7.9avg | 32TD | 10 INT

7. Philip Rivers - Chargers My Rank: 3

The Chargers added really great depth this offseason. If you look at Philip Rivers numbers with and without VJ, he has more interceptions with him, and more touchdowns without him. This offseason, the Chargers added Robert Meachem, who will be a great player in the offense, but I think will barely hit 1000 yards. I think the real person to watch will be Eddie Royal. He is extremely fast, which VJ was not, and he'll be that deep threat. We all know Rivers loves his deep ball.

357/542 | 65.9% | 4661yards | 8.6avg | 35TD | 9 INT

8. Peyton Manning - Broncos My Rank: 6

He is learning a new system. His receiving core is average. They would have been better off if they kept Royal. He is coming off a few neck surgeries. Remember he is learning a new system. I think if he stays 2 years in Denver, they will do really well his 2nd year.

299/453 | 66% | 3533yards | 7.8avg | 30TD | 11 INT

9. Eli Manning - Giants My Rank: 8

He's a pretty good quarterback. His team hasn't changed much, but I don't think he'll be able to prove he's elite after one standout season. He'll be above average.

319/523 | 61% | 4027yards | 7.7avg | 28TD | 16 INT

10. Michael Vick - Eagles My Rank: 9

He's had a full season in the "Dream Team." This year, they'll do better, and he'll do better. He still has injury problems though. I think he'll start 13 games.

247/412 | 60% | 3255yards | 7.9avg | 20TD | 10 INT

82 Rushing Att. | 631yards | 7.7avg. | 3 TD |

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