San Diego Chargers Daily Links: July 10, 2012

SEATTLE: Wide receiver Malcom Floyd #80 of the San Diego Chargers rushes against the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field in Seattle Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

The Air Raid Offense: History, Evolution, Weirdness – From Mumme to Leach to Franklin to Holgorsen and Beyond - Chris
The offense itself, its raw structure, plays, and formations, nevertheless deserves deeper study given its incredible rise, its increasing importance, and and its almost shocking omnipresence, in one form or another, at every level of football

Three Years of Yards Per Route Run: Wide Receivers - Nathan Jahnke
Outside of the Top 5, there are two players to keep an eye on in 2012. The first is Malcom Floyd who has benefited from having Vincent Jackson on the field to take some of the better defenders away from him. With Jackson gone, Floyd could finally start seeing bigger numbers, or he could struggle as the defenses game plan will be to stop him more than it was in past years.

Why Your Team Sucks 2012: San Diego Chargers - Drew Magary
Some people are fans of the San Diego Chargers. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the San Diego Chargers. This 2012 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group.

Offseason grades for every AFC team - Matt Williamson (ESPN Insider)
My concern on offense, though, is the line. Hadnot is an underrated signing and the Chargers brought back T Jared Gaither, but right tackle has been a big problem for a while. Losing Dielman to retirement can't be understated.

The Not-So-Perfect Kilogram and Why the Metric System Might Be Screwed - Judy Dutton
While basing measurements on tangible benchmarks was an improvement, using physical standards wasn’t without its flaws. For one, they have a nasty habit of changing. In Le Grand K’s case, it’s been losing weight. At its most recent weigh-in in 1988, it was found to be 0.05 milligrams—about the weight of a grain of sand—lighter than its underling replicas. Experts aren’t sure where this weight went, but some theorize that the replicas have been handled more often, which could subtly add weight. Others postulate Le Grand K’s alloy is "outgassing," which means air is gradually escaping the metal.

2012 AFC training camp battles - Jamison Hensley
The Chargers decided early in the offseason they would let Kaeding and Novak engage in a good, old-fashioned kicking battle in training camp and the preseason. It should be fascinating to watch. These are two good kickers. I don’t think there is a favorite.

Three Years of Yards Per Route Run: Tight Ends - Nathan Jahnke
Only three of the players on the top yardage list had a PFF receiving rating above +9.0 last year, and that includes Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates who don’t have much time left in the league. It is interesting to see just how far ahead of the pack Jason Witten, Vernon Davis, and Gates have been over the last three years, though.

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