An early glimpse of the Chargers 2012 (53) man roster

Ever since Charlie Whitehurst left for Seattle two years ago, things have changed dramatically for the Chargers. For example, nearly half the roster has changed, there are new defensive and offensive coordinators, and the Chargers have not been to the playoffs. There are now ex Broncos, Raiders and Chiefs on the team. There are a couple familiar constants to be certain though. Rivers is still there, so he won't be doing much more than clipboard Jesus duties. Norv Turner will still be calling the shots on the field, and his seat is hotter than a frying pan.

So too is the familiar scowl of A.J Smith. However you won't see the cool calm demeanor in him that Norv has perfected.
A.J seems to like his job in San Diego, and has been working extremely hard to right the ship which has been sinking in San Diego since Whitehurst last saw it.
With yesterday's addition of Ronnie Brown, it looks like his final piece of the puzzle is in the box, and its all up to Norv to put the pieces together.

So now, I will play a little " clipboard Jesus of my own, and try to paint a little picture of what the 53 man roster will probably look like.

Position - Quarterback
Amount to make Roster: 2
Starter(s) Philip Rivers
Depth- Charlie Whitehurst
In a dogfight- Jarret Lee. Definitely could secure a spot on practice squad if he shows promise.

Position - Tight Ends
Amount to make Roster: 3
Starter(s) Antonio Gates
2. Randy McMichael
3. Dante Rosario
In a dogfight- Kory Sperry. The offseason and draft pretty much sealed his fate in San Diego.

Position - Wide Receiver
Amount to make Roster: 6
Malcom Floyd
Robert Meachem
Vincent Brown
Eddie Royal
In a dogfight-
Michael Spurlock
Roscoe Parish
Richard Goodman.

Odds on favorite- Roscoe Parish

Wild Card- Ladarius Green.

LaDarius Green will definitely make the roster, and will probably be used as a receiver and Tight end on specialty packages.

Position - Running Back
Amount to make Roster: 3
Starter(s) Ryan Mathews
Depth -
Ronnie Brown
In a dogfight-
Jacob Hester
Curtis Brinkley
Edwin Baker

Jacob Hester won't be seeing much time at Fullback with the recent acquiring of Le'Ron McClain so it looks like he will make the transition back to RB.
But his all purpose ability, familiarity, durability, and the fact he's the special teams captain secure him a roster spot.

Edwin Baker will get a chance to show he can contribute, and be almost guaranteed a spot on the practice squad, and a chance to suit up in the very likely event of a injury.

Curtis Brinkley, never really got his shot in San Diego, but with the injuries around the league in the RB position, he will surely find a home somewhere this season.

Position - Offensive line
Amount to make Roster: 9

Jared Gaither
Tyronne Green
Nick Hardwick
Louis Vasquez
Jeromy Clary


Brandyn Dombrowski
Mario Henderson
Steve Schilling

In a dogfight-
Rex Hadnot
Colin Baxter
David Molk

Predicted winner- David Molk, due to strength, and more versatile to play different positions.


Position - Cornerbacks
Amount to make Roster: 4
Quentin Jammer
Antoine Cason

Marcus Gilchrist
Shareece Wright

In a dogfight-
Not really anyone here. Due to the fact Wright only played defense for less than 4 minutes professionally, I'd have to say this is the Chargers achilles heel, and I would have liked to have seen some competition brought in. Hopefully Jammer and Cason stay healthy.

Position - Linebacker
Amount to make Roster: 9
Really doesn't matter ( Heavy rotation)
Shaun Philips
Antwan Barnes
Jarret Johnson
Takeo Spikes
Donald Butler
Melvin Ingram


Larry English
Jonas Mouton

In a dogfight-

Demorrio Williams
Darryl Gamble
Andrew Gakhar

These guys are all basically playing for one position on the roster. The top 6 Linebackers are pretty much set in stone.
English and Mouton are going to get a spot basically because A.J Smith saw something in them, hopefully they produce something that
resembles their high draft picks, and stay healthy.

Position - Defensive Line
Amount to make Roster: 7
Antonio Garay
Corey Liuget
Vaughn Martin


Kendall Reyes
Luis Castillo
Cam Thomas
Jacques Cesaire

In a dogfight-
Not really much here.

Position - Safety
Amount to make Roster: 4
Eric Weddle
Atari Bigby

Darryl Stuckey
Brandon Taylor

In a dogfight-

Sean Cattouse, Although he went un-drafted, this is a guy the Chargers definitely want to get signed to the practice squad at the very least.
Two years down the road, I think this name will be well known by Charger fans.

Special Teams-(3)

Kicker- Nate Kaeding
Punter - Mike Scifres
Long Snapper- Mike WIndt.

3 wildcards to make the team-
Daryl Gamble
Sean Cattouse
Curtis Brinkley

While just using Charlie Whitehurst as a timeline, it's really amazing what he left, and what he came back to in just two years time, he will be looking at between 23-29 new teammates after the final roster cut.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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