The All (AFC WEST) team

Is the AFC West the NFL's strongest division?

When looking at the AFC West from a distance, this is almost a laughable question to most NFL fans. But if you look at it in terms
of competition, the AFC West is very deep, and there are no pushovers.
Three AFC West teams ( Oak,SD, And Den finished 8-8, and KC at 7-9.
Also all four teams went (3-3) in the division.

With a recent slew of free agency pick ups, and good drafting, the AFC West is possibly the strongest division in the NFL.
It is also equally balanced with great players making up all four teams. There is no clear cut winner, and we've seen
three different AFC West leaders in the past three years.

With nothing else to do before the season starts in regards to football, I opened up the 2012 NFL review, and composed a list
of the All AFC West team. And , It looks like they could compete with anyone in the league.

So here's my look, feel free to have your say:


Philip Rivers (starter)
Peyton Manning (2nd)
Carson Palmer ( 3rd)

Highly debatable , I know, but I give Rivers the edge, because he hasn't taken time off from injury, not learning a new system, team, etc..

Running backs:

Darren McFadden (Oak)(1)
Jamaal Charles (KC) (2)
Ryan Mathews (SD) (3)

Tight Ends

Antonio Gates (SD) ( starter)
Tony Moeaki ( KC) (reserve)

Gates is losing ground, but still above the rest in the West currently.


Le'Ron McClain (SD)


1. Dwayne Bowe (KC)
2. Malcom Floyd (SD)
3. Robert Meacham (SD)
4. DeMaryius Thomas (Den)
5. Eddie Royal ( SD)

Offensive Line:

Ryan Clady (Den)
Jared Gaither (SD)
Nick Hardwick (SD ) Center
Jared Veldheer (Oak)
Eric Winston (KC)


Defensive Line:

Richard Seymour (Oak)
Elvis Dumerville (Den)
Antonio Garay (SD)
Tommy Kelly (Oak)
Glenn Dorsey ( KC)


This is a rough list to make basically due to the difference in defensive and linebacker responsibilities .
But purely in terms of talent in the LB position, the AFC West is stacked.

1. Tamba Hali ( KC)
2. Von Miller ( Den)
3. Shaun Philips ( SD)
4. Aaron Curry (Oak)
5. Jarret Johnson (SD)


Brandon Flowers ( KC)
Tracy Porter (Den)


Eric Weddle (SD)
Eric Berry ( KC)

Special Teams-

Kicker- Sebastian Janikowski (Oak)
Punter - Shane Lechler (Oak)
Returner- Dexter McCluster (KC)
Long Snapper - Lonnie Paxton (Den)

Thats my All AFC West team, and there is only 1 glaring weakness. That is injuries.

Of the 37 listed players, (EIGHTEEN) have spent significant time in the past two seasons injured. I am fully aware that
the NFL has a high rate of injury, but no division has been hit as hard as the AFC West.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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