Seau the Legend and the other deceased "94 " Chargers

The first Charger game I ever went to was just a few years ago. I wore a Junior Seau jersey to the game. I remember getting an earfull from a couple other Chargers fans. Yeah, I knew he was playing for another team ( Dolphins) , and yeah, I knew there were some bad feelings amongst some of the "old die hard fans ", but I didn't care too much.

Because, if you ask me, there was never a better face of the franchise than Junior Seau. He was born and raised (and died) in San Diego, and he was as much a fan of the Chargers as any of us.

I live in Montana ( Bronco country) , and only get to make it out to San Diego for a couple games a year. Last year I got to catch the Chargers/Broncos game, and although the game turned out ugly, I got to see Junior Seau inducted to the Charger hall of fame during half time.

Sadly, most of the stadium emptied out to the concessions while he made his speech, and even more sad to me, was that I counted a grand total of (TWO) Seau jerseys that day, besides the one that was on my back.

I remember a guy on the trolley going to the game telling me that it was a good idea to wear my #55 on that day, because he was getting inducted to the Chargers hall of fame then, as if other days were bad for #55. I didn't engage in converstion . I just wore the jersey because I liked the guy and didn't need a reason beyond that.

I will not pretend that I know contract situations, salary caps , and financial situations of individual player, but I can honestly say, I believe Seau when he said " I was always a Charger"! More than that, he was just a good guy. It didn't really matter if he went into music, sports, medicine, or whatever occupation he chose, his passion for what he did was what made him great. And when you take that passion away from a person, I can understand the depression that follows, and hopefully most people will never face that void.

That morning I got to take my daughter to Seau's restaraunt. On the walls we saw pictures of course of Seau in his Chargers days, but more than that, there were plenty of pictures outside of the Chargers realm, as a donator, volunteer, supporter , and humanitarian. He was a destined to be a good guy no matter what path he chose. We were just lucky that path brought him to our team. Even this last year, he was still in talks with the Chargers giving them tips and advice. I really wish they would have offered him work in any capacity. That was his passion.

I know some Chargers fans want the orginaization to support wearing a patch in rememberance of Seau to mark the 2012 season, but I know Seau wouldn't want that. He was a team player first, and tragically 7 of his teammates on his 1994 team are deceased, Seau makes eight.

Ironically the 1994 team was the only Charger team that ever made the superbowl. I am in full support for the Chargers to wear a "94" patch in rememberance of:

• Linebacker David Griggs car crash -28 yrs old

• Running back Rodney Culver airplane crash 26 yrs old.

• Linebacker Doug Miller was struck by lightning 28 yrs old.

• Center Curtis Whitley , overdose 39 yrs old

• DE Chris Mims enlarged heart 38 yrs old.

• Defensive lineman Shawn Lee heart attack 44 yrs old.

• Linebacker Lew Bush heart attack, 42 yrs old.

- Junior Seau gunshot wound 43 yrs old

Remeber, your job should never overhadow who you are as a person, Seau was a great person who just happened to be a Charger. Rest in peace to all:

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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