Chargers (7 round) Mock Draft 2012

Credit where credit is due:

It almost pains me to say this, but my hat's off to A.J Smith. Although the VJax departure kicked the free agency off in a sour note, Smith rebounded very well.

Receiver corps:

1. Malcom Floyd

2. Robert Meacham

3. Eddie Royal

4. Vincent Brown

5. Spurlock/ Perrish/ Goodman battle it out.

Better than last year?

Very much. Even as much as I liked Vjax in some games, he just outright dissappeared in others. The Chargers have a young, experienced and deep receiving corps. Backed up by Antonio Gates, Randy McMichael and Dante Rosario, Philip Riivers has weapons all over the field.

Run Game:

Tolbert is gone, and that hurts, but the addition of Le'ron McClain will be huge in clearing lanes for Ryan Mathews, and some very much needed pass protection. Im also glad the Chargers didn't chase after a Ricky Williams, Jackie Battle or Cedric Benson type through the free agency.

I fully expect them to reach for LaMichael James at the 49th spot, and I wont mind a bit. McClain, Mathews, and James, would be a perfect blend of running backs in my opinion. I really like this A.J Smith with his back to the wall, knowing its all or nothing, Im really looking forward to the draft, and really am pleased with the Chargers free agency.

So it appears most of the moves have been put into place that will occur in free agency, so here's my shot at a mock draft prediction:

Round # 1

Pick Number 18

Player Mark Barron

School Alabama

Position SS

projected pick

mid to late 1st


Initially it was a DE/OLB type Courtney Upshaw, or Nick Perry. However, since the re- signings of Luis Castillo, and Antonio Garay on the D-Line, I feel the positon is more solid than Strong Safety covered by Darrell Stuckey and Atari Bigby.

Round # 2

Pick Number 49

Player LaMichael James

School Oregon

Position RB Projected pick

Early Third

A strecth for 49? Maybe. However, he will be there, and this running back will be an incredible utility back for the Bolts.

Round # 3

Pick Number 79

Player Alemda Ta'amu

School Washington

Position DT

Projected to go late 3rd/ early 4th, he would be perfect for depth and rotation in the Chargers D-Line. He's huge at 6'3 350, would be great in stopping the run and could get after the quarterback.


Round # 4

Pick Number 110

Player DeQuan Menzie

School Alabama

Position CB

Projected round


Round # 5

Pick Number 141

Player Kellen Moore

School Boise State

Position QB

Projected round 7

How many QB's have the Chargers taken late just to cut in training camp. If Moore is still here in round 5 , this would be great for the Bolts to finally get a keeper behind Rivers. Whitehurst wont ever be more than Clipboard Jesus. Round # 6

Pick Number 172

Player Ryan Miller

School Colorado

Position OG

Projected round 7


At 6'7 320 this could be the pulling guard that gives Clary a fight for his job. With a little coaching and polishing up, he could be a late round diamond in the rough.

Round 7

Best Linebacker available.

I think A.J Knows this is not the year to draft high , and trade up, and reach for project players. His backs to the wall, and he needs to make a huge and sudden impact in the draft. The last few years he's made some very questionable draft choices. If this years free agency is any indication of the draft, the Chargers could be sitting pretty.

If the Chargers came away from the 2012 draft with :

Mark Barron

LaMichael James

Alameda Ta'amu

De'Quan Menzie

Kellen Moore

Ryan Miller <.

How would you die hard Chargers fans feel about it?

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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