Grades , Value and Rank for every Chargers Draft pick

Chargers Draft grades-

Round: 1
Pick-: 18
Player: Melvin Ingram
position: DE/OLB
School: South Carolina
Position Need: High
Ranked in draft: #1 ranked pass rusher in draft
Cost : 1st rd. pick, no trades
Value: Projected top 10 on every mock. Great value
Overall Grade: A+
Summary: The best pass rusher in the draft, addressed the Chargers most pressing need.
A.J Smith hit a home run here.

Round: 2
Pick-: 49
Player: Kendall Reyes
position: DT (possible DE convert)
School: Connecticut
Position Need: High
Ranked in draft: 6th Defensive tackle
Cost : 2nd round (no trade)
Value: fair - projected late 1- early 2( Not a steal/ not a stretch)
Overall: B-
Summary: Chargers possibly could have traded down here. With Devon Still and Jerel Worthy on the board, they had some time to get Reyes, and could have added a 3rd or 4th rounder netting DT Alameda Ta'Amu , Lamar Miller, or Ronnie Hillman to go with Reyes.

Round: 3
Pick-: 73
Player: Brandon Taylor
position: SS
School: LSU
Position Need: Extremely high
Ranked in draft: 3rd SS overall
Cost : 3rd and 6th round pick
Value: A+ . The third best safety in the draft for a 6th and 3rd at pick 73 is a steal
Overall: Big need filled.
Summary: A win /win deal. Low cost , high need. After H.Smith and M.Barron were off the
boards, I'm surprised nobody reached in the 2nd for Taylor.

Round: 4
Pick-: 110
Player: LaDarius Green
position: TE
School: Louisiana Lafayette
Position Need: Low
Ranked in draft: 3rd TE .
Cost : 4th round pick
Value: B , A 6 ft 6 athletic TE with a 4.5( 40 ) is a great target that should have Rivers smiling.
Overall: To get Green in the 4th is a steal. The value I have ranked as a " B " , because the Chargers weren't exactly desperate for a TE.
Summary: Incredible player. Diamond in the rough here. I'm sure everyone in SD is happy about this other than Sperry and Rosario.

Round: 5
Pick-: 149
Player: Johnny Toutman
position: Guard
School: Penn State
Position Need: High
Ranked in draft: 19th Guard
Cost : 5th Round
Value: D+ , Was a projected free agent, with many higher prospects listed higher at this position still on the board, this may have been a stretch .
Overall: C-
Summary: Fills in some depth. Could help in rotation and injury. The position was needed, perhaps Hal Hunter and the Chargers war room have some inside info that all the draft and scouting experts missed.

Round: 7
Pick-: 226
Player: David Molk
position: Center
School: Michigan
Position Need: Low , unless Hardwick or Baxter developed some serious issues this off season nobody is aware of.
Ranked in draft: 4th center
Cost : 7th round
Value: Good value (projected 4th rounder) either makes Baxter a better backup or takes his job.
Overall: Competition on the line is always good.
Summary: Good player, team captain, strong, vocal. Could be better than Colin Baxter. Kellen Moore or Case Keenum would have been interesting here, Whitehurst could have used a little competition here.

Round: 7 (compensatory)
Pick-: 250
Player: Edwin Baker
position: RB
School: Michigan state
Position Need: medium
Ranked in draft: UDFA
Cost : Free
Value: Free
Overall: No risk here.
Summary: Beaten out of position at Michigan state, I really think Mathews will NOT be competing much with Baker for carries. Curtis Brinkley breathes a sigh of relief.

Draft Grade for entire class : B+

Addressed needs on all levels of the defense. The D- line, the linebackers and the safety positions all upgraded.
Got great value on Brandon Taylor, Ladarius Green and Melvin ingram.
Also SD didn't mortgage future picks , or stretch too far. Our first -4th round picks didn't leave many people searching for youtube highlights, so it was a good draft.

WR , and TE will be extremely competitive positions in SD.

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