San Diego Chargers Daily Links: April 25, 2012

SAN DIEGO: Running back Ryan Mathews #24 of the San Diego Chargers carries the ball against the Arizona Cardinals at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego California. The Chargers won 41-10. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

How can you tell which draft picks are truly valuable? - Bill Barnwell
Both fifth overall picks, Tomlinson and Enis are the perfect examples of the risk-reward in taking a running back at the top of the draft, as somebody will do with Trent Richardson this Thursday.

Video: Draft options for Chiefs, Chargers - staff
AFC West blogger Bill Williamson talks about draft options for the Chiefs and the Chargers.

Who's most affected by the draft? - Bill Williamson
Ryan Mathews: He has seen Darren Sproles and Mike Tolbert leave via free agency in the past nine months; Mathews needs a quality backup and I think he will get one. Mathews is making great strides, but he has some durability issues -- making a strong backup a must.

Safety prospect wants to play with Weddle - Michael Gehlken
"Just being around a guy and learning his habits, what he does on a weekly basis, how to be a pro, would be huge. Hopefully I'll be lucky to have a guy, even if I end up not going to the Chargers, just wherever I go, if there's a guy there who's like Eric Weddle — which there's not a lot of — that'd be a blessing."

14 Things You Need To Know About Drinking Hand Sanitizer - Matt Stopera
Getting drunk off of hand sanizter is most popular in Alaska, Missouri, and California.

Bolts may need creativity to find safety - Michael Gehlken
As roster needs go, strong safety stands among the most likely to be addressed in the draft this week, and San Diego may have to get creative to do it.

Three Very Intriguing Mid-Round Draft Prospects - Paul Maland
Rainey is going to make an instant NFL contribution due to his "Sproles-ness", for the lack of a better word. At the combine he ran the 40 yard dash in 4.45 seconds and broad jumped 120 inches. He was the fastest of any Running Back prospect in the 3 cone drill meaning his agility and change of direction abilities are outstanding. He possesses the field vision, screen pass skills, and speed to be the next Darren Sproles.

Top Ten Draft Busts - NFL Films Blog
With the 2012 NFL Draft just two days away, the one thing every team has in common right now is the fear that their early round draft pick won’t pan out in the NFL. Check out which quarterback was drafted No. 1 overall and is considered as one of the biggest busts ever, as originally presented by Top Ten Draft Busts:

Re-Drafting the 2009 First Round - Khaled Elsayed
Re-Draft: More disappointing than what B.J. Raji has been, Raji would be a better fit at end in San Diego than at nose tackle anywhere else.

Penguin Thieves Panic, Face Charges After Facebook Post - Andrew Chow
It's kinda like the movie "The Hangover" -- but with a penguin, and without the bachelor party.

King Penguin Baby Looks Like Fear - Laura Hibbard
This photo gives a whole new meaning to scary-cute.

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