The state of the Chargers Fans!

The state of Chargers Fans:

Chargers fans are pretty sensitive, and overly critical. There really is no pleasing us. If you made 100 mock drafts , they would be criticized 101 different ways.

We also need a scapegoat:

If its Greg Manusky, Norv Turner, A.J Smith, or Dean Spanos, we need someone to point our finger at as the root of all Chargers problems.

We have learned to follow stats at an almost forensic level, even if they have no bearing on the win/loss column.

Perhaps the Chargers are a snakebitten organization:

How many Pro Bowlers have been stranded in San Diego without a ring? How many hall of famers for that matter? How many times has a loss on a fluke play dictated a season? How many Chargers squads should have gone 12-4, but wound up 8-8?

Why does it seem like when a game is a real close nail biter with everything on the line, the Chargers find a way to lose it?
But if the game doesn't matter, the Chargers will win by 3 touchdowns.

What did beating the Raiders do in week 17? Nothing would be the answer 10 years ago. Now the answer is, " It kept the Raiders out of the playoffs"!

Are we a fan base that has just grown bitter? Would it have been better to take that meaningless loss in Oakland ? We'd be drafting at 12 and 43 instead of 18 and 49! Or, do we get enough satisfaction out of the Raiders missing the playoffs that we miss out on a Mark Barron or Nick Perry?

Have the Raiders fans got us mentally beat? If they sweep the Chargers one season, it is as heavily broadcasted as 911. But if the Chargers beat the Raiders 13 straight, its just a side note.
Does their constant taunting of their 3 World Championships get under our skin? Maybe. Even if their most recent is 27 years old, they still got a point.

Will the Chargers ever win the big one?

Even if the Chargers have the #1 ranked offense and Defense, the Special teams cost them the season.
It seem like the Lombardi somehow eludes San Diego every year for different reasons. Division rivals have labeled the Chargers as "chokers", seemingly admitting they are more talented, but just cant win when it matters, and taunt Chargers fans with this.

The effect:

A once laid back type of surfers, hippies , yuppies and mellow fans, the Chargers fan base has taken a swift and brutal turn into a mob that's impossible to please, and overly sensitive. Any coach or GM will be under heavy scrutiny, and any good player who departs will be criticized.

The article that John Genaro wrote in defense of A.J Smith was pretty spot on. Yeah, A.J has had his stubborn moments, and he's made his mistakes, but this off season, he's made some moves that have been pretty applaud-able on both sides of the ball.

I've been a critic of Smith's over the past few seasons, but, I'd be blind to say he hasn't done a great job this off season, and checked his ego sometime around mid February.


Big thanks to Vincent Jackson:

Yeah, he could have played the field a bit, saw who would throw him the best offer, visit several cities and drag his feet. He signed a deal within 3 hours, and that was the kindest departure he could have given San Diego.

Eddie Royal was in Washington and Robert Meacham was in Buffalo at the time close to signing deals with those teams. Had Jackson waited 6 more hours, neither of those guys would be wearing bolts in 2012.

But regardless of who the Chargers bring in, trade, promote, or draft, it wont matter. The fans are too hungry for a super bowl victory , and nothing short of that will get A.J. , Norv or Dean's head out of the noose.

So what's the state of the Chargers fan base?

Just hungry! Although the Chargers have had 9 straight years without a losing record..( one of only 3 teams in the NFL including the Steelers and Patriots), that just doesn't cut it anymore. The fans aren't going to settle for anything less than a Super bowl victory.

One thing I can say for the Bolts is that every time they take the field, I think they are going to win the game if they play well. That's all you can really hope for as a fan. So basically every year there are 31 " chokers", and only one champion, and the closer you get to being Champion, the more it hurts.

With the moves that Smith has made through the free agency, I'm really excited about the draft this year. He could trade up or down. He could go DE, OLB, SS or basically anywhere in the first round and nothing will be shocking. The only thing I will be shocked by is the fan base being happy with it! Yeah we've got that crabby!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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