San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 26, 2012

SAN DIEGO CA : Quarterback Alex Smith #11 of the San Francisco 49ers is sacked by defensive tackle Antonio Garay #71 of the San Diego Chargers in the second quarter at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Chargers fit free agents in, hope for big payoff - Kevin Acee
Beginning with the signing of inside linebacker Demorrio Williams after he was cut by the Kansas City Chiefs, the Chargers added eight players and retained four others.

Defense still a priority for Chargers GM - Michael Gehlken
"I'm not ignoring offense or special teams," Smith said, "but I believe you have to have a dictating, dominating defense to have a chance to win a world championship. And I mean consistently. Not a half a year or a couple of games. We have to put that together and make it consistent."

Manning movements stir Spanos' concern - Kevin Acee
The Chargers have since ’04 done multiple contracts with Condon clients, including with Tomlinson and Antonio Gates. But it is no coincidence that the team does not negotiate with agents for coaches, and there can be no denying that Smith’s philosophy regarding the team’s hard-line stance in negotiations was shaped in those months.

Early Warning: The BFTB YouTube Channel - John Gennaro
Yesterday I finally received my video package (camera, microphone, cables, etc.), which was shipping in a heavy-duty rifle case (I'm not kidding) and will probably take me most of this weekend to figure out. Once that's done, I plan on producing videos at a ridiculous pace, so I'd like to get some ideas now of what you guys would like to see.

What's in a Name? An Etymological Look at Denver Broncos and the AFC West - Jezru
The San Diego Chargers were originally located in Los Angeles and were initially owned by Paris Hilton's grandfather, Barron. While we all associate the Chargers with lightning bolts and even, in their earliest logo, a horse, the Charger name comes from Barron Hilton himself. At the time of the founding of the AFL, Hilton was fathering one of the country's first credit cards, Carte Blanche (now a part of Diners Club). You can see where this is going. I personally think that they should change their logo to a credit card swiper to go with their name.

Best remaining free-agent fits for AFC West - Bill Williamson
It may not be sexy for the choice to be an in-house rotational defensive tackle. But Garay is a solid player and I think he is the best available AFC West free agent. If the Chargers don’t re-sign Garay, they will have to replace him. There is still a place for him in San Diego.

Mailbag: Chargers' plan at No. 18 - Bill Williamson
In my latest mock draft I have Illinois’ pass-rusher Whitney Mercilus going to the Chargers in the first; that area is San Diego's biggest need. If Mercilus, and the other top pass-rushers are off the board and Perry, Smith, Kuechly and DeCastro are still available, the Chargers would be in a great spot because all are terrific players. Kuechly and DeCastro would be the best value picks and Perry and Smith would fill the biggest holes.

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