A Perspective of the Fan Perspective with Fan Perspectives

Yahoo has given permission for anyone’s fans to give their opinion on any other team about pretty much anything they want and shove that under a quasi-professional sounding fan’s perspective heading so I thought that it might be wise to apply this to the AFC West. Now...a fan's perspective!

Rich Miller from Berkeley: "I thought the Raiders were in Los Angeles"

Us: "No, they used to be, they moved back to Oakland in 1995."

RM: "Well, don’t that beat all. Do they still play football?"

Us: "Yes. They have uniforms and everything."

RM: "Helmets, too?"

Us: "Most of the time, yes."

RM: "Good on them. Proper head covering is important."

We did finally manage to speak with a Raider fan that seemed pretty knowledgeable. Unfortunately we couldn’t use his real name as he was spending 15-20 in San Quentin for armed robbery and "beating the living crap outta some guy with his own wooden leg" so we will simply call him "Adam."

Us: "Adam, what do you think of the Raiders’ offseason moves this year?"

Adam: "I think that they got that guy that’s like, what, 32, that quarterback."

Us: "Carson Palmer, yes."

Adam: "Yeah, him. Anyway, it’s proven the Raiders can do well with older quarterbacks. I mean, Jim Plunkettt was 174 and had no liver and was still out there playing for the Silver and Black. I mean, Ray Guy was dead, they propped him up and had Disney animatronically do his leg and he still punted good. They had to keep another guy out there to hold up the board he was glued to, but it worked! That’s the Raider way! Who cares if we don’t have the money to sign a rabid squirrel and don’t have a draft pick until 2046! Al Davis doesn’t need no draft picks! Al Davis just needs someone fast who can’t catch the ball!"

Us: "Adam, unfortunately Al Davis passed away last year."

Adam: "No, shit? When?"

Us: "October."

Adam: "Oh. That would explain it. I was in solitary for shanking that guy with a sharpened sausage link during October. Well, who the hell is in charge, now?"

Us: "Reggie McKenzie and Al Davis’ son."

Adam: "Do they have legs? I got this thing about legs, you know."

Us: "So we heard, yes. I believe they do."

Adam: "Well, hell, I guess that can be the Raider way, too. Can’t wait til I get out of this place. First thing Imma do is cut that squealer that ratted me out. Then Imma go to a Raider game. RAIDERSSSSSSS!!!"

It was at this time that the guards dragged him away from the phone.

All in all, with no cap space and no draft picks the Raiders are in wait and see mode. Their fans seem content with this arrangement, not that there are a lot of options. Only time will tell how good the Raiders will be this year.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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