Chargers are spending well in free agency.

Recently Ive been a very critical of the way A.J Smith has been managing the Chargers. But I really have to give him some credit.

Although I will miss Vincent Jackson in Bolts, I can understand him leaving. He simply priced himself out of the game.

I knew it 2 years ago when Brandon Marshall signed a 50 million dollar contract that Jackson's days were numbered in San Diego.

Its nothing personal, its just business. Jackson left for " I wont sugar coat it". A below average team with a below average quarterback. He doesn't care about a Superbowl any more than the man in the moon. But that 55 million is life changing money, and I dont blame him for a second.

Thats the problem with the game now. The money.

As a Charger fan, Im no stranger to watching talent walk right out the door, and its frustrating. Chargers fans take shots at the managers and coaches, but really , the people costing the Chargers Championships are player agents.

It used to be that you could have a great offense. Take for example the 49ers of the 80's. You cold have a great Quarterback like Joe Montana. Give him two great receivers like Jerry Rice and John Taylor, have a awesome running back like Roger Craig, and a great offensive line to protect it all.

This happened in Chicago, Oakland, Denver, New York, New England, Pittsburgh and Dallas.

These teams became Champions and rightfully so. They drafted the best, trained the best and developed the best players. I had no problem admitting even a team I disliked was the best.

Then agents reared their ugly heads.

First and foremost you must understand that agents hate teams, they care strictly about individuals.

I mentioned Marshall for good reason earlier. His contract made it where no two good receivers could stay together. Larry Fitzgerald could no longer be paired with Anquan Boldin, because the team couldnt afford it. There will be no more awesome receiver combos that stay together.

Then Chris Johnson ran for 2006 yards, and got a 50 million dollar contract. This entitled you either become a team with a great running back or a great receiver. A running or passing team now depends on price!

Recently Calvin Johnson signed a 132 million dollar contract to catch footballs. Will the Lions be able to afford a Quarterback to throw to him? Stafford just restructured his contract.

Not to be outdone, offensive lineman need to be paid like movie stars as well. Left tackles often draw 10 million plus per year, and now even guards are signing 47 million dollar contracts. " Carl Nicks".

Thats a chump change to the defensive side of the ball. Mario Williams, Julius Peppers, and Albert Haynesworth signed contracts north of 90 million dollars.

So keeping a team intact is impossible. If you draft 7 good players, you will be only able to retain three of them when their contracts are up, if you are lucky.

So where does it end? Whats a campionship really worth? If there was no salary cap at all, would it be better?

Do you realize that it is now possible to field a a billion dollar( annual salary) team if there wasn't a salary cap? Would that be worth it?

Your average 8 home games ticket would cost just under 2,000 dollars a piece, and that would be just enough to cover the player salary, so probably closer to 3,000 per ticket.

Alas, there is a salary cap: Its just over 120 million dollars a year per team. This creates many nightmares for team management.

Oddly enough, it is about 10 % of the players earning 70% of the money, with most of the roster earning under a million dollars per year.

Thats a tough business. Imagine owining a construction company, and having a crew of 50. You pay the foreman and 4 supervisors 10 thousand a day, then 5 shift leaders draw 5,000 dollars a day. The other 40 guys earn 120 dollars per day. Thats about how an NFL team pays out.

Look at player salaries on google, and you will see something horribly wrong on every team.

Is there a soloution? Yeah I have a soloution, and its pretty simple:

10 guys on the team get 5 million dollars annualy

10 guys get 3 million dollars annually

10 guys get 2 million dollars annually

10 guys get get 1 million dollars annually

13 guys get 750 thousand annually

This would allow a team to keep all the players they draft and trained. A team could stay together for a career. Fans could cheer for a team not just a bunch of guys playing for the highest bidder. Players would play just as hard on a contract year as they do after getting the contract.

You could pay the staring QB, best RB , best offensive lineman, receiver, Cornerback,D-Lineman , and linebacker 5 million based on performance. The other starters 3 million. Backups, 2 million etc.

You earn a starting spot, payraise, you become best of position ,payraise, thats how a team should be paid.

Far fetched?

I dont think so. I bet it would be voted in by 80 percent of NFL players right now. I will tell you what is far fetched. A starting quarterback making 690,000 dollars a year while his blocker is making 19 times as much: Thats exactly whats happening in Cleveland. Colt McCoy QB Browns $ 690,000 Joe Thomas LT Browns $ 13,290,000

Can you blame thes guys for chasing the money? I cant! But theres got to be a soloution, before it gets even further out of control.

But , congratulations to A.J for getting Royal, Meacham, Johnson, Gaither, Hardwick, and McClain signed, its a tough business!!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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