Jackson Gone- A.J officially turns Chargers into mediocre team

Game Over !!!

The Chargers Superbowl window officially closed today when Vincent Jackson signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Mike Tolbert is as good as gone too.

For a guy with one year left to save his job, A.J Smith seems to be everything he can to put out a mediocre team. And to this point he's succeeding.

Jackson, right after McNeill mark the 13th and 14th pro Bowlers the Chargers have let walk away in the past 5 years.

They don't even try to use trade value or acquire draft picks, they just let them walk right to other teams.

Combine that with mediocre drafts in the past 5 years , and you have a mediocre team.

Many people that post on here will give me 101 good reasons why Sproles is gone, or Michael Turner, Chris Chambers, Cromartie, Osgood, Merriman, Williams, Tomlinson are all gone, and I will agree to most of it, but at least replace good players through free agency, or get draft picks via trade like every other team in the NFL.

This one way exit of talent has created monster holes in every position. WR, TE, Safety, D-Line, O-Line, RB etc.. and we all have huge plans of who to get in free agency.

Except we dont get players in free agency, we just give them away. More year after year.
And put down the pipes Chargers fans, we wont get O.J Otagwe, Mario Williams, or Carl Nicks. Why? because they want money!

These players and their agents see how Smith handles his good players in San Diego and dont want any part of it.

The best years of talent were wasted with a mediocre coach.

I've seen the Chargers week 2 of the 2009 season kick on third down before the half against the Ravens with 10 seconds on the clock on the 2 yard line.

This was on offense that had McNeil, Hardwick, Dielman, Rivers, Gates, Floyd, Jackson, Sproles and Tomlinson on the field.

An offense with 8 pro bowlers kicked a field goal on 3rd down. My eight year daughter could have called a succesful play there with those guys.

This told me that Norv was not a serious coach for a superbowl push. In the playoff game that year against the Jets , he proved it. Three days later, he was granted a 3 year extension.

A.J Smith has done pretty much everything in his power to cripple Rivers, and for me this Vincent Jackson deal is the final act.
Everybody knows that A.J has the negotiating skills of a sea slug, and thats why the Bolts are ALWAYS on the losing end of keeping players.

I think 99% of the people reading this article could have kept Jackson in bolts.

What San Diego has to offer Jackson:
A great Quarterback and good friend in Rivers.
His home for the past 7 years.
A great TE to take off the pressure underneath.
A legitimate #2 receiver in Malcom Floyd.
A big amount of money opened up to sign him.
A.J Smith. (The deal breaker)

Its no secret that he and Smith didn't get along. If Smith were fired when he should have been then Jackson probably would have stayed.

The San Diego Chargers fans have spoken, and an overwhelming majority pleaded for the firing of Norv Turner and AJ Smith.
Dean Spanos totally slammed the doors in their face.

In his press conference, Spanos said his number 1 priority would be signing Jackson. Another lie.
So why should fans be loyal to a guy who cant even commit to his number 1 priority?

Brace yourselves Charger fans, because we all know what were getting served again. Here's the outlook;

Free agency- Lose good players , replace them with washed up guys , or players that have been cut or waived.


First round pick - some guy that everybody scratches their head and says " who is that"?

followed by the second round where we select a guy that would have been available in the 5th, and so on.

Pre - season and making the cuts:

A few guys that do really well, and surprise us, just to get cut, go to some other team and do great. " Laurent Robinson, Jordan Todman, Wes Welker for you older fans.

This trend will turn a 14-2 team into 9-7 really fast, or a 13-3 team into 8-8. Oh wait, it already has.

This talent scouting genius(A.j) and offensive genius( Norv) ,have turned a once great team into a mediocre team, and with each day in their command its just getting worse.

Go to a Chargers game, and notice all the jerseys fans wear. 70 percent of them are currently playing on other teams. Now 80% after today's give away!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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