San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 13, 2012

The Seahawks, Mario Williams and the Modern Hybrid Fronts - Thomas Beekers
Observers tend to think and talk rather strictly about defensive front sevens as "3-4" or "4-3", which is easy enough to spot (how many guys have their hand down) and from there on out you expect a certain style of defense. But it's becoming increasingly meaningless in the modern NFL. It's not just the Packers - who ran a base 2-5 for a long time - or the Patriots - who vary between 3-4 and a very interesting form of 4-3 depending on the opponent and situation, a front seven that uses Vince Wilfork as a central anchor and then shuffles chairs around him. But I'm also thinking of teams like the Houston Texans. the Dallas Cowboys, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Miami Dolphins.

Afternoon Snack of the Day - The Daily What
Mean Penguin is mean.

AFC West unrestricted free agents - Bill Williamson
NFL free agency begins Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET. Here is the complete list of unrestricted free agents for each team in the division:

Spikes reflects on USO tour -
San Diego linebacker Takeo Spikes reflects on his week-long tour with the USO and troops in Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan.

Potential Jackson suitor takes hit from NFL - Michael Gehlken
The Redskins appeared ready to bring out the big guns and offer Vincent Jackson a lucrative contract this week. Now, they've lost some firepower. The NFL has delivered the franchise a considerable blow, stripping it of $36 million in salary cap space over the next two seasons, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Monday.

Analysis: Jackson would miss Rivers but has options - Kevin Acee
The Chargers’ seeming resignation that Jackson will go somewhere else could be due in part to their having long been aware of a team – thought to be the Redskins – that will do almost whatever it takes to get Jackson.

Why Vincent Jackson makes sense for Bucs - Pat Yasinskas
It makes sense on many levels, starting with the facts that the Bucs need a true No. 1 receiver and Jackson probably is the best available in free agency. There’s likely to be competition from Chicago and Washington and perhaps some other teams. The San Diego Chargers are also holding out a bit of hope that they can re-sign Jackson.

Mario Williams, Vincent Jackson would upgrade Bears immediately - Sean Jensen
He has said he would return to the Chargers for less than what he might be offered by other teams, but sources indicate there will be a strong market for Jackson, one expected to be too rich for the Chargers’ taste. Despite the Bears’ interest in him, Jackson might cross the threshold they’re willing to pay. His salary might exceed $14 million a season, and the Bucs and Redskins also are interested.

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