San Diego Chargers Daily Links: February 6, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers, a finalist for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award, addresses the media during a news conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

NFL: We want to keep our teams where they are - Matthew T. Hall
Neither the Chargers' push for a new stadium nor San Diego's supreme status as a Super Bowl city were specifically addressed, but the potential for professional football's return to Los Angeles (which prognosticators say could involve the Chargers, the Rams, the Raiders or the Vikings) came up several times.

Leaf surprise visitor at Super Bowl - Kevin Acee
The only place where Leaf’s failure would have been more symbolically in his face is San Diego. But we don’t host Super Bowls anymore, so Leaf hopped a plane from Montana and arrived Wednesday night at the Super Bowl that Peyton Manning built.

You’re My Besssst Friend - Cute Overload

Fan sues over NFL conduct policy, says he has a right to swear - Michael David Smith
"A fan has a right to say ‘[expletive] you’ in public. It’s a public place," Holguin’s attorney, Mary Frances Prevost, told 10 News in San Diego.

Spanos Reacts to Chargers Fans' Anger - NBC San Diego
Dean Spanos talks about the decision to retain Norv Turner and A.J. Smith

'Madden 13' cover vote to kick off March 7 - Jon Robinson
Which makes the "Madden 13" vote even more interesting. Do you vote for your favorite player, or do you vote for a star on your least favorite team, hoping to knock a rival out of the playoffs before the season starts thanks to some video game voodoo?

Goodell hopeful for more California stadiums - Christopher Smith
The NFL approved a $200 million dollar loan Thursday for the 49ers’ planned new stadium and views an imminent new facility as an encouraging sign for teams like the Chargers, which are attempting to get a stadium built in downtown San Diego.

Spikes wins food contest, hits radio row - Jay Jay Maniquis & Christopher Smith
Takeo Spikes won the Super Bowl Recipe Playoff V, which appeared on the Rachael Ray show Friday morning. Spikes prepared lamb chops in cabernet mint glaze with apple compote and asparagus with pancetta parmesan. Buddy Valastro of "Cake Boss" judged the food and selected Spikes’ dish over ones produced by Buffalo’s George Wilson and Cleveland’s Josh Cribbs

Rivers takes in Super Bowl atmosphere - Kevin Acee
Appreciative of the honor but not ecstatic about having to go to a Super Bowl city as anything but a participant in the game, the Chargers quarterback has turned his few days here into a learning experience.

ManningWatch: Peyton in the AFC West - Bill Williamson
The Chiefs brass has said it will have competition for Matt Cassel -- meaning that general manager Scott Pioli and coach Romeo Crennel are open to a new quarterback. The Chiefs will have the money to pay Manning, and I think he would be intrigued by the team’s roster.

Branch and Carr provide snap value - Bill Williamson
How much would Brandon Carr and Tyvon Branch be missed by their teams if they departed as free agents? Well, their teams would have to make up for a lot of missed snaps. Branch -- a strong safety from Oakland -- and Carr -- a cornerback from Kansas City -- led all AFC West defensive backs in snap percentage during the 2011 season. Branch played 99.13 of Oakland’s defensive snaps last season. Carr played 96.82 percent of the Chiefs’ defensive snaps.

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