San Diego Chargers Daily Links: February 15, 2012

Chargers stadium week in review: Offseason - Matthew T. Hall
"Get ready for a wild offseason," veteran ESPN reporter John Clayton wrote the other day. He was mostly talking about the National Football League’s 470 free agents, but its stadium drama caught his attention, too. His was one of several stories that touched on the NFL in L.A. storyline now that the season has ended.

NFL blackout rule flagged for review - Matthew T. Hall
The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing a nearly 50-year-old rule that allows the National Football League to block games from being shown on TV in a home team's market unless its stadium sells out 72 hours before kickoff.

Hardwick to play in 2012 - Kevin Acee
Nick Hardwick has a new son and a renewed outlook, and he said Monday what everyone who knows him expected all along.

Chargers Free Agency Shopping List: Tom Zbikowski - Ernie Padaon
Tom Zbikowski was the backup to Ed Reed with the Baltimore Ravens at strong safety and he has worked behind Reed for the last 4 years. He is becoming a free agent this offseason and will be looking for an opportunity to be a starter somewhere.

2011 AFC West draft rewind - Bill Williamson
What’s the future of this class? I think the other three classes in the division all have better potential. I’m not sure if this will ever be a great class, but Liuget and Brown can really help it. Linebacker Jonas Mouton (second round) missed the entire season with an injury. He will get a chance to play this season.

Chargers can't let Jackson walk - Nick Canepa
Let me give it to you straight. The Chargers must re-sign Vincent Jackson — for their sake, for the sake of A.J. and Norv, for the sake of San Diego’s future well-being, and for a little football peace in my (and your) time.

NFL Free Agency 2012: Mario Williams Is The No. 1 Player Available - Ryan Van Bibber
Williams should be healed and ready to resume terrorizing opposing quarterbacks in the 2012 season. The question is whether or not he will be doing that with the Texans, the team that shocked the world when they picked Williams with the top pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, over Reggie Bush. Williams is a free agent this year, easily the best free agent available in a deep class of talent for hire.

30 FAs in 30 Days: Antonio Garay - Josh Looney
On the field, Garay gave the Chargers far more production than they originally expected and he’s in line to receive what will likely be the biggest contract of his career.

Chargers' Hardwick: 'I'm ready to have my best season yet' -
All it took was a two-week break at home after the end of the season to give Hardwick the itch to get back to work. "That let me know right there," Hardwick said. " … I feel great. I've been training my butt off since then. I'm ready to have my best season yet."

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