The Quick fix

The Chargers are awful. Soul crushing doesn't begin to describe this debacle. It's gotten to the point where I would be surprised if they DIDN'T choke. There's a silver lining to everything though, they're no longer in NFL purgatory and they'll be under new management, assuming another "miraculous" season results in Norv's job being saved and the Chargers getting a much lower draft pick........ which would just suck.

I doubt that will happen this year though because Rivers can't throw the ball while embedded in the field. So here are some of my solutions.

Hire Greg Roman

at first I was like everyone else, hire the flashy guy like Chip Kelly and play a break neck paced scheme that will turn heads, but then I thought, that doesn't really fit the identity this team is starting to develop.

Philip Rivers needs a tough physical running game, with a mean offensive line. Roman will make sure he gets that, because that's what his philosophy is built around.

He's a Harbaugh disciple, so we know he'll preach physical and mental toughness, and will provide much needed discipline. With him as their coach, they'd be playing smash mouth football, which is what this team is really built for. Just look at the potential in that front 7.

Sign Jake Long.

Self explanatory. I'm talking blank check.

Trade down in the draft.

If you can. This team doesn't need one great player, they need a couple of good players in certain positions. I say trade down, and see if you can get a 1st-2nd/3rd- and a proven vet in exchange for what is right now the #6 pick.

And once you do that, they'd have a late 1st rounder, and let's say 1 2nd rounder and 2 3rd rounders, 4 picks in 3 rounds. With those picks they should target the following players.

Barret Jones- His versatility is key here. The Chargers O-line will likely be in flux this off-season, no one really knowing what exactly they'll do to solve the problem. Jones can play pretty much every position on the line, which will give them a lot of flexibility depending on who else they can get in Free agency or the draft. He's also really, really good.

Robert Woods- They need speed, a guy who can get open quickly, and do something once he has it. Woods does all these things, and he'll likely fall to the 2nd round.

Stephan Taylor- They need someone who can grind out the tough yards. Matthews isn't that guy, he's talented, but he's not a feature back. A duo of Matthews and Taylor would be great, and best of all they could get him in the 2nd-3rd round.

Chase Thomas- Now, the Chargers Front-7 is not a weakness, but the one place they could improve is at rush line-backer. Chase Thomas is the best player on maybe the best defense in the nation (See the Oregon game for the argument). He and Ingram could be a great duo going forward.

Zach Ertz- Gates is falling apart, and is really showing his age. It's a position of need and Ertz might be the best in the class.

Travis Frederick- The Chargers need some nasty on the offensive line. Frederick is a big strong road grader. He would add a lot of physicality to the run game.

Tyrann Mathieu- This is an intriguing possibility, he plays a position of need, kind of. He's just a play-maker. As a safety or nickel corner, he would cause nightmares for offensive coordinators. I have no idea where he'll go in the draft, or even if he will go in the draft. I've heard everythig from 3rd round to undrafted. If he starts to really fall, the Chargers should take a chance.

Joseph Fauria- Match-up nightmare, especially in the red zone. Athletic freak. He has more potential than any Tight end in this class.

Collin Klein- Now, I don't think they should be looking to replace Rivers, but they do need to plan for the future. I really like Klein, he's just a great football player. He's a real competitor, big physical athlete, but he does have horrendous mechanics. Sound like anyone. You know how people say "What if his name wasn't Tim Tebow", well, we'd find out with Klein. He'd have 4-6 years to learn and develop behind Rivers, and unlike Tebow, CORRECT his throwing mechanics.

And if you can't trade down take the following.

Manti Te'o- If he falls to them, it would be fantastic. I know I said they don't need one player to solve their problems, but Te'o would make their D truly elite. Fantastic in coverage, he covers a lot of ground.

Luke Joeckel- Probably won't get past the Eagles, but he fits a huge need.

They really need to trade down though. Now obviously, they can't take ALL these players, but here's how I hope it plays out. They trade their pick to the Dolphins for their 1st rounder, and Miami's 2 3rd rounders. With their picks they take the following.

1st Barret Jones.

2nd- Robert Woods

3rd- Chase Thomas

3rd-Travis Frederick

3rd- Stephan Taylor

And then hopefully steal Klein and Mathieu in the 6-7th rounds.

Under my best case scenario, this is roughly what the Chargers wouuld look like.




And on Defense.





And you would also have Mathieu as the nickel or a back-up safety, not to mention return man. And you have Chase Thomas and Ingram as back-ups at rush line-backer.

I would say that team would be really good, and be ready for the play-offs this next year. That's what really makes this team so frustrating, their problems are not unsolvable.

This is just my plan.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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