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Changes are a'coming to Chargers Park. You'd have to be living under a rock not to realize that. (And I for one say "About time," but that's neither here nor there.) With talk of Steve Mariucci "interested in the job" of Charger Head Coach as Peter King put it, and whispers of Andy Reid as at least a possibility, it raises the likelihood of the Chargers going in the retread direction once again. Oh, excuse me. I mean, "seeking someone with previous Head Coaching experience."

I for one am not totally opposed to it. I think there are miles left on some of those mules. Yes, you lose some of that "youthful exuberance" of someone hungry to get his first shot. But the failure/success ratio is probably fairly similar among coaches who come from the coordinator ranks vs. ones who come from the college ranks vs. retreads. And the recent successes (relative as they may be) of Mike Shanahan, Jeff Fisher, and Pete Carroll (who is that rare combination of "retread" and "college coach") show that just maybe Old School is in session.

This post is not about which category of coach you'd rather see. As the title implies, this is the "there's a gun to your head, and the person holding it says you HAVE to pick a retread" post. Here's a list of names. Who among these would you prefer? Or if you HAD to go in another retread direction, who would you choose?


Bill Cowher

Jon Gruden

Steve Mariucci

Andy Reid

Brian Billick

Tony Dungy

Herm Edwards

Jimmy Johnson


Cowher and Gruden seem to provide the most "bang for the buck" among BFTBers (and probably Charger fans as a whole). That's because they're recognizable, have had some success, are still relatively young, and project that energy and chutzpah fans seem to crave after six years of... well, non-chutzpah.

Billick and Dungy have also had some success (i.e., Super Bowl champs), but they're somewhat devoid of personality.

Mariucci and Edwards certainly qualify in the "chutzpah" category, but their success rates are lower than the previous four.

Reid is, well, Reid. You could easily make an argument that he's the "freshest" since he's coached most recently than the others. Or should "freshness" be measured by how long you've been resting?

If that's the case, then Johnson should be the runaway choice! Actually, I just throw his name in there because he's tight with Spanos, so you never know.


First, I eliminate Reid and Johnson instantly.

Cowher would be nice, but I understand the likely limitations: he's buddies with Marty, and therefore, by association, probably hates Deanos.

Gruden doesn't excite me the way he does others around here. And Dungy puts me to sleep.

I do like Brian Billick. I find him very insightful in his analyses, and his color commentary is actually pretty good.

But I have to admit, I really drink the Kool Aid when it comes to guys like Mariucci and Edwards. Sure, they've been away from the sideline for awhile. Yes, their success was fairly limited (only 4 years in the playoff for each of them). But they're excitable, passionate, and both are very football smart. And Edwards went to SDSU.

Okay, your turn.

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