San Diego Chargers Daily Links: December 11, 2012

Justin K. Aller

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Lessons From Week 14 - Ricky Henne
Coming into the game with a 4-8 record, it would seem difficult for the Chargers to muster up the motivation to play in a place that is extremely difficult to win. But that’s exactly what this team did. Showing a tremendous amount of heart, the Chargers were well prepared to come out and win this game. As a result, they captured their first ever regular season win in Pittsburgh and scored the most points in Pittsburgh in team history.

Exclusive: Turner's Locker Room Speech - Video
Check out the video below as gives you an exclusive look into head coach Norv Turner’s postgame speech as he handed out game balls.

Audibles at the Line: Week 14 - Rivers McCown
As long as I'm confused about when Mike Tomlin either did or did not give up on winning today's game ... the Steelers were down 17, in fact, because they scored a touchdown down 24 with 6:17 left. Finally, a chance to try the "three touchdowns and three two-point conversions to make up a 24-point deficit" plan! No, sorry, Tomlin kicked the extra point to make it 34-17 instead of maybe 34-18.

San Diego Chargers: Moving on - Bill Williamson
San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers completed 11 of 18 passes on third down and converted 61.1 percent of the time. All 11 of his completions on third down went for first downs. Extending drives has been a problem for this team of late.

Hard to imagine another Bolts game like Sunday's - Kevin Acee
I'm not hating, not even trying to diminish. But we must at least consider that Pittsburgh receiver Mike Wallace dropping two deep passes and defensive end Ziggy Hood bricking a would-be interception in the Chargers’ first offensive series would have changed the game.

Chargers likely bound for another blackout - Michael Gehlken
Nearly 13,000 general tickets remain unsold for Sunday's game against the Panthers, a team spokesman said Monday. The franchise is on pace for its third straight blackout and fourth of the year, its most in a single season since it had four in 2004.

Expectations shape Norv, Buddy outcomes - Tom Krasovic
Perceived as small-market victims of their industry, the Padres have a built-in, virtually chronic excuse to be mediocre. Buddy is thought to be doing a great job if the Padres are "competitive." The Chargers are held to a higher standard because in the NFL, teams from small markets, even tiny markets such as Green Bay, can win the big prize. There's also far less attention paid to the size of teams' payrolls.

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