San Diego Chargers Blow Another Lead, Lose to Baltimore Ravens

"I'm glad that we understand each other." - Ray Lewis - Donald Miralle

The Chargers were up by 10 in the fourth quarter and did everything they could to give the game away to the Ravens, who won it in Overtime 16-13.

In what would hopefully be (but definitely isn't) Norv Turner's last game as Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers, his team played all the old hits and laid out what might be the signature loss of signature Norv Turner losses. Where do we start?

  • There was the 10 point lead in the 4th quarter that disappeared and will be blamed on the injuries, because it's nobody's fault but luck!
  • There was 4th & 29 late in the fourth quarter for the Ravens, which was (of course) converted on a pass that traveled about 2 yards in the air into the hands of Ray Rice (who realized about halfway through getting the first down that the Chargers had no interest in tackling him).
  • There was the 3 straight passes (followed by a punt) when the Chargers had the ball and a 3 point lead with four minutes left in the fourth quarter.
  • There was the offense that looked good for roughly 1 drive the entire game.
  • There was Norv, on the sidelines, looking both disappointed and befuddled by what had happened to his team's lead.
  • There was horrific clock management by the Chargers from the beginning of the fourth quarter on.
  • There was the Chargers, getting a lead and making the Ravens (who are a better team) look like a bad team for a half before blowing it all. There was no need for this type of heartbreak, but the Chargers made sure that it happened!
  • There was the blown coverage by Quentin Jammer late in Overtime that basically sealed the Ravens' 16-13 win, which stood in stark contrast to Shareece Wright (a player that has been on the team for nearly two seasons and has barely been on the field at all).

There was nothing good here. There were major injuries (Donald Butler, Eric Weddle and Atari Bigby were amongst those that left the game and didn't return), there was scared coaching costing the team the game, there was a lack of belief from the Chargers players or fans that something good could happen, there was embarrassing mistake after embarrassing mistake in crunchtime, and....finally....there was the built-in excuses. The Ravens are a 9-2 team, we should be happy to have competed with them. The defense and offensive line had so many injuries, but the backups really competed. You get the point.

This changes nothing, but it is one more nail in the coffin that Norv Turner's reign as Chargers Head Coach will be sent away in at the end of the season. Only 5 more games left.


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