Are Chargers Fans Loyal or just plain stupid?

I own Eleven signed jerseys, a team signed Charger helmet and five team signed footballs. I used to think of them
as prized possessions, now, I see them as a reminder of let downs, disappointment and false promise.

Does showing fierce loyalty define character?
To your spouse, kids and job yes! To a football team, I'm not so sure anymore.

The Chargers don't really exist! There is no Chargers, Raiders, Broncos, Saints, Jets, or Browns.
Its just a bunch of guys playing for the highest bidder. Think that's wrong? Even Gates , Weddle and Rivers held out against the
Chargers for more money! That's their top three guys right? Faces of the franchise?

So what is the point in showing loyalty to a group of players that don't even show loyalty to their own team? Even gang bangers
have more admirable quality in that regard!

If you had a friend that was constantly getting cheated on by his wife, would you tell him? If you did over and over, and he kept letting it slide,
would you think he was blindly loyal, or just stupid?

How many times have you left Qualcomm a few hundred bucks lighter, in a much worse mood?
A friend of mine yesterday texted me yesterday,
" man I hate the f***ing Broncos!
I agreed at first, but then some thoughts donned on me!

The team that has caused me the most:
let down

Has been the Chargers!!!

So, for some reason I'm drawn to it. I just wonder why?

I watched the post game interviews, Rivers pointed out that the team is (3-3) and on top of the division!
Norv Turner said the " The team is loaded with potential, and will get better"!

However , No Charger coach , manager, owner, or player apologized to their fans for their embarrassing performances back to back weeks on National prime time television!

Why do I support these guys again?

I like the powder blue uniforms, the city of San Diego , the laid back atmosphere, the bolt logo and the nice weather, but as far
as the team itself , it's been just one disappointment after another!

If this was a job, I would have quit, if it were a marriage I would have been divorced!!

Lots of Chargers fans have that " sky is falling mentality". Fire this, fire that, move the team, cut this guy, trade that one. etc etc.. I never bought into that to much, I always viewed the
glass as half full. But now, I understand them. They are looking for a reason to let loose all the bitter feelings , and disappointment this team has bestowed on them year after year.

In every relationship in life, you have to ask, is your life better with, or without it ! As for the Chargers my mind tells me the obvious answer, these guys definitely bring me a lot more bad than good , and now that I can't even enjoy a game if were up 4 scores without being nervous, I can finally label myself.

Loyally Stupid!!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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