Dean Spanos to Chargers fans " Screw you"!!!

Chargers fans have spoken. Week after week in pretty much every public poll regarding the Chargers, fans are in an outrage practically pleading for Spanos to get rid of A.J Smith and Norv Turner.

They have taken a very good team and prevented them from making the playoffs in the weakest division in the NFL.

" Maybe next year" that has been the motto for Chargers fans since the mid 60's. But now it should be changed to " "our oppinion doesn't matter".

In an abundance of good coaches and GM's that are going to flood the NFL market, the fans of the Chargers get to move back yet another step.

Forget Jon Gruden, forget Bill Cowher, and Jeff Fisher. No, we get a couple of guys that we know can't get it done.

Dean Spanos is the CEO and owner of a business that we fans are buying. Its a business we don't need. It doesn't make us better looking, smarter, feel younger, or improve our lives at all.

So Spanos is kind of like a supplier of a useless product. He relies on the fans solely to support his billion dollar empire, and we have.

I'm not a business man , but I would know that if " The good majority" of my customers aasked me to change my product, I would.

It appears we have no voice as fans, not even against a mediocre coach and a jackass of a GM that prove they cant get it done.

Heres the resume:

A.J Smith.
- Gonna screw up another draft this March.

Also, that little pointless win against the Raiders moved us from 11th to 18th in the draft. Sweet.
It wouldn't matter if we had the number 1 pick, A.J would pick someone nobody ever heard of anyway.

-Will will lose our 11th pro bowler in 4 years - (Vincent Jackson).

Won't take any shots in free agency

Norv Turner:
-Celebrated his 100th victory this year. Well after he recorded his100th loss.

-Nice guy- Players like him. This is because he doesn't discipline them.
Want proof? Read the Twitter page for the Chargers. Before their game with the Lions , with their playoff hopes on the line, before and after the game, there was dozens of Chargers players tweets

They mostly consisted of "tennis shoes, new cars, "hoes" and some jibberish that is almost unrecognizable. Only one Chargers player ( before or after the game) even mentioned football.

Ok, Read a disciplined teams twitter page ie. Steelers, Patriots, Packers.

There isn't muched because (THEY ARE FOCUSED ON FOOTBALL).
Thats the coaches job.

Greg Manusky-

Huge pickup from the (3-13) 49ers. Inherited the NFL's number 1 ranked defense, and turned the group into the 19th overall.
Meanwhile his 49ers moved to a top defense and a 14-2 record.

(This will be the perrenial fall guy for the Chargers this year). Last year it was Steve Crosby.

Jeff Hurd. (Conditioning coach)

Leads NFL in injuries three years in a row. Keeps job.

Kevin Acee- (MR. IRRELEVANT)
Wrote several articles about Norv and A.J being gone, and discussing who would be in San Diego next.
On NFL Network today talking about Spanos' good decision in keeping them both.

Chargers fans-

Pissed off, and ignored AGAIN-

So here's the same back to you Spanos. Im gonna keep my two thousand dollars next year. Instead of buying your product, I'm spending it on my kids. I wont go to a game until you get 10 wins in the column. I know Spanos couldn't care less about the fans that support his business anyway, wer'e just here to wear the jerseys, drink the 9 dollar beer, and support a organization that doesn't care we exist. Enjoy the blackouts!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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