AFC West 2012

For a second straight year, the AFC West is sending its weakest representative to the playoffs. Once again, they will get smashed at home. Not surprisingly, both teams with playoff implications (AFC West) decided it wasn't important, and got embarrassed at home. So now for the Chargers. The ' real" good , bad and ugly"!

Divisional games- what they meant.


Raiders lose at home, miss playoffs.The Carson Palmer project is officially over, Jason Campbell gets his job back. Trade bait greatly depriciated for Palmer.

Raiders fans love records, and historically recall the 28 year old Lombardi trophy( the newest). Now they move into third place for longest time without a playoff apperance, I wonder if they will brag about that if they reach number 1.Also, they achieved the status of "most penalties in a season today". .


Kyle Orton wins with seven points( A Dexter McCluster run). Did he get revenge on the Broncos? Well, kinda.... Did he steal Matt Cassel's job? Not really!


Tebow Magic is officially over.The Broncos lost three straight to back into the playoffs at (8-8). They will host a(12-4) team that will throttle them at mile high and send them into vacation in style.
The weakest team in the West, the Broncos will continue to tarnish the reputation of the AFC West in prime time in embarrasing fashion, and everybody knows it.

The Chargers.

I Haven't really figured them out. The more meaning the game has, the crappier they play. If week 17 against the Raiders had playoff implications, they would have got destroyed. However, their pointless victory moved them down the draft board 5 spaces. Although the team is beyond figuring out, lets look for some insight on the individuals running this mess.

A.J Smith- irrelevant. He made his statement, and we all get it. He's in charge, he doesn't negotitate , he doesn't care about the fans. We get it , and the feeling is mutual. You're the guy holding us back form a good coach, and you're the only guy in the history of the NFL to unload 10 pro bowlers with NO COMPENSATION, over a three year span. Please go!!

Norv Turner- Nice guy, Great Offensive coordinator, killer instict of a gerbil. Net worth, 22 million. Golf, take up photography, paint, snorkel, have a mai tai. This head coaching thing isn't working out.

Philip Rivers.
PROTECT HIM AND HE'S EFFECTIVE. What's wrong with Rivers? He got used to receiving the snap with a defensive lineman simultaneously.

Vincent Jackson-
Sale price depreciated considerably. Almost 30, Off field issues, stats down. The question is , has he reached the "attainable" rate for the Charegrs- Retainable= 7 mil/year.

Hardwick, and Dielman are coming up on contract years. If I were their agents, " Considering retirement" would be a term that would drive up their conracts a couple million. Offensive linemen is a position that could be played at a high level through the mid 30's. They will both be back with restructured contracts. Where is the money going to come from? Marcus McNeill.

McNeill is actually been replaced by a guy who is bigger ,stronger, faster and cheaper. Jared Gaither 6'9" 350 lbs, 25 years old. After our all pro Left tackle was put out for the season. Our run game has got much better , and our pass protection as well. 2 sacks allowed in 5 games speaks volumes for Gaither. McNeill would draw high draft picks and save huge money in the process.

Jordan Todman- He will go down as A.J's final act. We will soon add him to names like Welker, Sproles, Brees, Turner (Michael)
of guys that Smith gave away for NADA.

Luis Castillo- Average D- Lineman, elite paycheck- gone.

Nate Kaeding-
Although Novak played slightly above average, he didn't play well enough to get Kaeding out of San Diego.

New coach? Depends on A.J. We all know that we can't have a quality coach as long as we have Smith as a manager. His job requirement includes a "yes man" for coach.
Im much more interested in hearing of his release before Norv's.

2012 Chargers (12-4) relevence will be established with new management.! With that, we can see a team play to win, and not just try not to lose.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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