Blueprints to beat the Dolphins

Norv Turner gets a lot of criticism for questionable play calling, and rightfully so. Runs on first and second down for little gain usually set up a low percentage throw, and take Chargers fans through a roller coaster of emotions.

Some times the 3rd and longs net a beautiful pass and catch elating the fans , other times a quick three and out because the defense can know what the Chargers are gonna do before Philip Rivers calls the play in the huddle.

A team so talent rich to have such bland and predictable play calling is a sin. It also keeps teams with inferior talent in the game all the way to the last play. If there is such a thing as a " frustrating loss, Chargers fans know it better than anyone.

With Tony Sporano and the(0-3) Miami Dolphins coming to town in week 4, the Chargers should really try some new play calling, or this could be another ugly game that could boil down to the last play and a lucky or unlucky result.

The Chargers can't keep doing the same thing , and expect different results.
Here's some ideas that could help the Chargers get to (3-1) in a comfortable fashion.

1. Bring the heat on Henne. This guy is an average quarterback , but with given time, and guys like Davon Bess,Brian Hartline and Brandon Marshall, he can eat us alive. However, when he gets hit a few times, he starts making huge mistakes.

Corner blitzes work really well against him, he's not too fast or a good scrambler, and stays focused on one area of the field.
How many Chargers fans were ready to puke when the Bolts were rushing only three on Brady, and he had huge time in the pocket and picked the secondary apart?  Guess what, Henne could too.

Rush 4 or 5, bring English up to the line more. He played defensive end in college, he is fast, and instintive, but it wont convert to the stat sheet when he's 12 yards off the line in a 3-4 waiting for something to happen. If he could at least nullify Jake Long, at left tackle, I'd say that would be a good trade for the Chargers.

2. Get some new guys involved, and bring in some different plays.

3.Blitz Darryl Gamble and Marcus Gilchrist, Shaun Philips Steve Gregory and Eric Weddle, change things up. Make Henne beat a fierce pass rush, not a tired secondary, because Brandon Marshall can and will!

4.Disrupt Marshall's routes with Weddle, and Hughes, dont put it all on Cason.

5. Account for Reggie Bush. I am well aware of the fact that the Dolphins dont use him much, but he is an explosive threat as a receiver. On passing plays, make sure he is blanketed by Donald Butler. If he gets into the secondary with the ball, that could have bad results for the Chargers.



Mix it up

Screen pass to Jordan Todman on a first down is something you know Miami hasn't game planned for. Its safe, its quick, and effective. Incorporate the guy, he's quick, explosive, and unexpected.

2. Throw high percentage passes to Vincent Brown. Yeah, the guy is fast, but has yet to catch a pass. Get him in some five yard crossing routes and let him get his confidence.
If he keeps missing the low percentage deep throws, it could hurt, they need to build him up first.

3. Incorporate the tight end (Gates, Sperry, or McMichael) on first and second down catches. Don't wait until third where he becomes an obvious target, and gets brutalized.

4. Use the pass to set up the run. It's pretty obvious that the Chargers do the exact opposite of this EVERY game. Its time to switch it up, and keep the defense guessing. The Chargers have Tolbert Mathews, and Todman who can all catch the short high percentage passes. Also trustworthy tight ends, and reliable slot receivers. Switch up the play calling on first down.

5.Get Vincent Jackson involved in the red zone. If you got a guy that can consistently out jump the defender by over a foot, why is that not your'e first option to put points on the board.
 The Chargers have no problem moving the football, a huge reason for that is Jackson. Yeah, he makes the tough and acrobatic catches. He cant be challenged vertically. So, why in the heck do the Chargers not get him involved more in the red zone?

6.Never Underestimate your opponent.Don't let the Dolphins record fool you. There are no guaranteed wins in the NFL. This 0-3 team has been on the unlucky side of the score twice, and the two teams records could very easily be reversed.

7.Dont play down to your opponents. If you are up 10-17 points, screw a prevent defense, play your A game, and go for the kill. The prevent defense does two things.
1. Tires out your defense
2. Keeps your offense off the field.

At no time should a defense play 15 yards off the ball, and give up the sidelines too. Hopefully Norv learned that just before the half in New England two weeks ago.

Lastly, go down swinging. The Chargers allow teams of lesser talent to hang around late in games that should see their starters resting by the middle of the third quarter. Start playing to win, and not just playing " not to lose".

If I saw one huge difference in last weeks game, I'd have to say the Chiefs were playing to win, and the Chargers were playing " not to lose"!

When their backs are to the wall , and they can't afford a loss, that's when the Chargers are at their best. Its time to develop that same urgency in September and October. Until then, we will have people writing about winless visiting teams beating the Bolts at home, and actually second guess it.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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