Will A.J Smith cost the Bolts Vincent Jackson?

Is it time for A.J to go?

Lets ask ourselves a couple questions Chargers fans.


1. Why was Marty Shottenheimer fired?  Poor play calling? No


Poor record, nope 14-2.


Players didn't like and respect him ? Wrong!


He butted heads with A.J Smith? Bingo.


2. Why was Vincent Jackson NOT given a contract?

He's not that good? Wrong.

No chemistry with the quarterback and offensive schemes? Wrong!

Not a team player? Wrong again.

A.J Smith doesn't like him?  Bingo.

3. Outside of the trade with the Seahawks involving Charlie Whitehurst, can you name one trade where the Chargers got anything but completely hosed?

Don't feel bad, I cant either.


However, what I can do is list 8 pro bowlers the Chargers have lost in the past 5 years and received almost nothing for.

Drew Brees

Michael Turner

Kassim Osgood

Chris Chambers

Antonio Cromartie

Jamaal Williams

Shawne Merriman

Darren Sproles


I know there was lurking reasons, but if you make a trade before guys get put on waivers, you could get some compensation. I think Chambers or Merriman could have at least brought a third rounder, which could have brought in Jonas Mouton. Yes, I am well aware the Chargers selected him in the second round, but like every one else in the entire world (outside of AJ Smith) I am aware that he would have been available in the fourth round.

Which leads to another topic.



Is there a single Chargers fan out there that doesn't think our drafting hasn't got worse every year since 2004? No? Thats what I thought.

And before you think about crediting A.J Smith for the drafting of Rivers, the credit goes to guess who? Marty Shottenheimer. That's right! Smith was hell bent on drafting Eli Manning (which he did), and Shottenheimer who coached Rivers in the senior bowl was adamant about getting Rivers instead.When Eli refused to play in San Diego, Smith buckled and got Rivers . The trade netted the Chargers Kaeding and Merriman. Smith got all the credit and Shottenheimer got an early retirement.

But before you go bashing Eli for not wanting to play for the Bolts, consider why! Manning wanted to go to a team where he could start. San Diego had Drew Brees. So why draft a first round quarterback when you already have a young first round quarterback? Does this breed competition? No, it breeds a split locker room.

Lesson learned?

Nope, in 2007, they drafted a cornerback ( Cason) in the first round when they already had Jammer and Cromartie playing great, with years left on their contract.

How about that passing game. Passing team right? Hell of a talent scout right? Well who was our last first round receiver? Buster Davis! And who does he play for now? Correct, nobody.

The Chargers top five receiving threats this season: Vincent Jackson (2nd round)

Antonio Gates (Undrafted)

Malcom Floyd (Undrafted)

Mike Tolbert (Undrafted)

Bryan Walters (Undrafted)

Good talent scout or just plain Lucky?

Thursday marked the last day that players could give their franchise players a contract. There were only two teams in the NFL which did not. Miami Dolphins, and the Chargers Vincent Jackson. This is pretty dissapointing news for myself and all other Chargers fans, and it all stems from(once again) A.J Smith.

Yeah, we get the memo:

Nobody argues with A.J

A.J negotiates with No player

A.J calls the shots

A.J is a genius

Yeah, we get it!

So what if Vincent Jackson likes loud music, and an occasional beer, so do I. So do 80% of his fans. Outside of murder, rape, or violent crimes, I dont care what the Chargers players do with their off time. I do care that when they take the field that they give their fans a good show, and win ball games, and Vincent Jackson does that EVERY week!

. Perhaps AJ would be better served to manage a pop warner football team with kids he could give a curfew to. But as a manager of the Chargers, his job is to field the best team he can, and I for one hope he's gone before we lose another pro bowler to free agency because of his stubbornness.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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