The Chargers Biggest Downfall

Don't Overreact Chargers fans.

I've read countless comments from Chargers fans blasting the team, the coaching staff and even Rivers. Yeah, there's plenty to be mad about, but I for one am happy.

The Chargers are sitting here 2-1, where they could be 0-3. The ugly loss to the Chiefs last season cost the Chargers the division, perhaps this ugly win could shift their fortune. For the past four years , the Chargers would have found ways to lose in September, and could have very easily continued that trait against the Vikings and Chiefs.


A few things Chargers fans seem to do a lot is: -

Think that winning the AFC West is their birth right, it is not.

- Underestimate their opponents.

Face it, this isn't Boise state vs Tulsa, it's the NFL , any team could win on any day. Records mean little in a game where two or three plays can determine the outcome.


- Looking for a villain.

A win is a win. It's a team game! To all the comment posters bashing Rivers, please leave the fan base. Do you seriously think he isn't giving 100 percent out there? Do you think he's thrown picks on purpose? Have you forgotten about the fact he's won dozens of games for the Bolts?

Tom Brady threw (4) picks in a " Loss" yesterday, but not a single Pats fan turned on him. I think Rivers deserves that same respect from Chargers fans.

NFL football is a fast paced game where a tenth of a second can determine a player to be a genius or an idiot! Norv Turner? Easy target. slow starter, poor play caller? Could be, but guess what, the players like him, the GM likes him, and so does the owner. If you like coaching changes every season follow the Raiders.


Look, I know Norv makes some calls that leave me scratching my head, some times I cuss the television after watching the Chargers start five straight drives with a run up the middle. I also take a loss and look for any reason to point the finger at Norv. But I also have to consider that whenever the Chargers win, Norv really gets no credit. If you get 60 play calls a game, only his bad ones will be spotlighted amongst the fans.

If you are really looking for a villain in this scenario, if you are really buying into finding the cancer that is killing the Chargers year in year out, I say to look at the training staff and strength and conditioning coach. The Chargers press conferences seem to brag about fielding the most players of any NFL team. This is not a good thing! This is a horrible thing to celebrate.


It is a fact, because of injuries, the Chargers have fielded more players in the past three years than ANY other football team.

2008 (59)

2009 (61)

2010 (73) League record

2011, the Chargers are on record pace after 3 weeks.

Antonio Gates, Malcom Floyd, Mike Tolbert, Jacques Cesaire, Quentin Jammer,  Bob Sanders, Corey Liuget, Antonio Garay, Nate  Kaeding,  and Luis Castillo amongst others being absent could have an effect on the Chargers, don't you think?

Don't get me wrong, I know football is a violent sport, and injuries occur. But when most of the Chargers injuries include words such as " soreness, tightness, cramping, groin and hamstring injuries, I have to wonder if the average junior high phys ed coach would be an improvement.

It's pretty obvious conditioning is a real hindrance for the Bolts .

Leading the NFL in injuries for multiple years is something that really needs to be addressed . For a team hard pressed to do it four years in a row is simply ridiculous. Add the fact that they play in good weather and on a grass field ( not turf) the scenario becomes absurd.

The fact that Rivers completed passes to seventeen receivers last season makes most people focus on what a great passer he is, but for me, it makes me ask why he would have to. The sports writers, and analysts miss the point with the Chargers every year. Yeah they have a great roster, and can compete with any team talent wise, but not if they're on the sidelines or on IR.

To me, that's the culprit that has been the Kryptonite to the Chargers arsenal. Norv knows how to win, So does Rivers, Gates Jackson and Floyd. But if they've only been on the field together for three quarters in the past 2 years, chemistry would be greatly effected in my opinion.

Cheer up Chargers fans. The team is 2-1 , they're gonna host a 0-3 team next Sunday, and they're still working out the kinks. Usually when they find they're groove, their three games back in the division. This year they have found ways to win the games they should have lost, which is new for the Chargers in September.

So get behind your team, stop underestimating opponents, and celebrate leading the division at the end of September. Miami, Denver and a bye week are just the remedy the Chargers need.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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